Month: September 2008

Interview: Stacy Deanne (Author)

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Interview with author Stacy DeanneQuestions by: Lauren 1. What interested you the most about becoming a published author? Well, simply I love writing. Writing is a part of me and what makes me happy. I wanted to share my stories and ideas with the world. I love the craft, but I am also a professional […]

Some of the Books for the Auction!

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Alright, we know this is a bit late…but here are a selection of the book that have been marked up by their authors and will be available for you to buy. If you don’t understand what we are talking about…please click the link to your right about our Charity Project, and more details can be […]

Guest Blog: Nancy Werlin

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I’m actually writing this post on Monday, Sept. 15, but it will be posted on Thursday, Sept. 18, which is the official publication date for my new book, IMPOSSIBLE (you can read more about the book here)(if link doesn’t work: When Lauren asked me to guest-blog for a day, I realized I wanted to […]

lauren has no power! (But now I do!)

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due to some crazy wind knocking out her colleges power supply, lauren will be temporarily MIA, but fret not, as soon as its fixed shell be right back on here, blogging away. **Thanks Keaton! I texted her this morning to let her know that the power was STILL out (went off about 1 p.m. yesterday) […]

Thursday Threads: Retrograndma

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Interview with RetrograndmaBy: LaurenLinks: retrograndma.blogspot.comretrograndma etsy shop This is the first installment of Thursday Threads (clothing lines, crafts, etc.) I’m very sorry for the delay, but I hope you enjoy the interview with Retrograndma who makes really amazing purses, record holders, and the like out of records and old books. As for me, I’m dying […]

Win-It-Wednesday + Update!

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We have a review up for the book Dear Everybody, as well as an interview with the author. Please read that and comment. I’d be very appreciative and I’m sure Michael would as well! Also, the first, basic information for the Charity Project Chelsea (the page flipper) and I are working on has been posted […]

Different Tastes: Sx-Fo

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SX-FOInterview by: LaurenMyspace If you didn’t see last Monday’s edition of this, let me explain. We mostly focus on alternative/pop/rock when it comes to music, but we also want to do what we can for those that come to us or who were recommended to us. Because of that, I decided to have some Different […]

Charity Project: The Page Flipper and I

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If you have been on Chelsea’s site, this may look familiar…I figured I’d copy and paste most of what she said about it (with some of my own information) since she stated everything very well! There’s going to be a fantasticfabulousamazing event running on both mine and Chelsea’s blogs from October-December, and we’re hard at […]