Month: January 2009

Interview with Margay Leah Justice

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Interview with: Margay Leah Justice, author of Nora’s SoulQuestions by: LaurenHer Website! Guest Post will be up tomorrow! Please read and leave your thoughts for Margay! 1. Your debut novel, Nora’s Soul, is about the fight between a dark and light angel for one woman’s soul. Will you summarize the book a little more for […]

Psych: New Episodes TONIGHT!

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I talk about Psych all the time, as many of you probably know, and I wanted to remind those of you that DO watch the show or said they WOULD that new episodes start tonight on the USA Network at 10/9C. If you miss it, try and catch a repeat if you can. We must […]

Thursday Thinker: Foreign Favorites

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Today’s Thursday Thinker is in hopes of finding new ideas for my blog, Bridge the Gap. Link on the side under the Promotion/Help picture. Bridge the Gap is for all things foreign, or non-American in my case. So, I want to know…what foreign books, movies, tv shows, products, actors/actresses, music, etc. do you like? Any […]

Exciting (To Me At Least) Twilight News!!!

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I don’t normally post about news and whatnot, unless it’s something I’m really excited about, but I figured I would update all the Twilight fans that might not have seen this already (and of course, it DOES make me happy) Taylor Lautner WILL continue to play Jacob Black in New Moon. If you didn’t know, […]

Wish-List Wednesday

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Ghost Huntress Book 1: The Awakening by Marley Gibson The first in a trilogy. Get out your tape recorders, crystals, and extra batteries— you’re about to go where our world meets the spirit world. Psychic Kids, Paranormal State, Haunting Evidence—these and countless other television shows are making believers out of millions of people: Ghosts exist, […]

Thanks SO Much!

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Thank you so much for this award. I’ve gotten a couple awards (rather rare, so it’s always amazing) in the past and I forgot to post them, so I’m sorry for those that have sent me one. However, this one was given to me by Stephanie and Shalonda. Rules of this award: The rules for […]

4 Mini Movie Reviews

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Ever since Christmas (which is when I saw Marley and Me), I’ve been going to the movie theatre a lot more. At the moment, these are the four films I have seen, including Marley. Have you watched these movies yet? Did you want too? Do you want too now? Share your thoughts/reviews in the comments!! […]

Winners + Other Contests

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Thanks for entering the prize pack giveaways. The winners have already been notified. I think only one person still needs to get in touch with me about that. I wanted to re-post some links for you all though…these people helped with the prize packs in one way or another and if you liked what you […]

2 Books: Death and Debs!

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The Death of Jayson PorterBy: Jaime AdoffReview by: Lauren Jayson is sick of living in a run-down apartment, in the middle of his very own war zone of violence and drugs. He soon begins holding onto the rail, imagining what it would be like to simply jump off and end all of his suffering: the […]

Thursday Thinker, New Year, Foreign Fun!

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Happy New Year! I hope 2009 will be an amazing year for everyone. I have a lot of things to post in the coming days, so hopefully those will be up soon. Two book reviews (including one for The Debs, finally!!), the announcement of the prize pack winners, hopefully three movie reviews, and some more. […]