Month: February 2009

Guest Blog: Jessica Burkhart

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Jessica’s Blog The oh-so-awesome Lauren has generously opened her blog to me! Yay! *guest blog dance* So, I thought I’d offer up five tips to young writers. They’re tips I could have used when I was a teen. Hopefully, they’ll be somewhat helpful! 🙂 5 Tips for Teen Writers 1.You are never too young to […]

Zomo Review: Second Part of Contest!

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Zomo Album Reviews: For the Muses and Triangle of DrunkBy: Lauren For those that entered the contest to win these albums by commenting on the interview, don’t forget to also comment on this review for another shot at winning. The contest ends this Saturday! Thanks! A lot of the songs on For the Muses are […]

Interview: Danielle Joseph + Contest!!

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Interview with Danielle JosephQuestions by: LaurenIf you click the picture, it should take you to Danielle’s website! Shrinking Violet is the story of a high school girl who is very shy. However, she soons finds herself working at a radio station and must overcome this. As a pretty shy person, as well as a huge […]

February Blogger Picks!

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Alright…for the February Bloggers of the Month (as I’m calling it) we have Kristi, or The Story Siren, as you all know. I sent off an email to see if she wants certain people to send stuff to her or if she doesn’t mind anyone having her address. So for now, if you have her […]

Harry Potter Week: Wizard Rockumentary Interview

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Interview with the girls behind Wizard Rockumentary, Megan and Mallory.Questions by: LaurenThe Website The girls were kind enough to answer some questions about themselves and the project that ultimately became the Wizard Rockumentary DVD for our Harry Potter week. To find out about the contest, read to the bottom of this interview and the details […]

Have a Happy New Year, Janni Lee Simner!

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Interview with: Jannie Lee Simner who wrote Bones of FaerieQuestions by: Lauren I apologize for this being posted today. It was meant to go up yesterday (since this was part of the January celebration). I also wanted to say sorry to Jannie and Tina Ferraro as well for not getting their books read/reviewed this past […]