Month: March 2010

Psych Interview: James Roday and Ally Sheedy

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Interview has spoilers so read AFTER you watch the show if you don’t want things ruined!! Psych Interview/Conference with James Roday (Shawn Spencer) and Ally Sheedy (Mr. Yang) in honor of the season finale tonight at 10/9c. It’s called “Mr. Yin Presents” and you do not want to this one believe me! I was lucky […]

Psych: Season Finale Giveaway!

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Don’t miss the most shocking PSYCH finale ever as a killer targets Shawn using scenarios from classic Hitchcock films. Ally Sheedy guest-stars in Psych’s season finale, directed by James Roday — “Mr. Yin Presents” — premiering this Wednesday at 10/9C! (photos used are not owned by me, they were given to use as a promotional […]

Beautiful Dead: Jonas by Eden Maguire (Partial Review)

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Photo Source Beautiful Dead: Book 1 Jonas by Eden Maguire Review by: Lauren Book From: Sourcebooks Fire Summary (from Amazon): Something strange is happening in Ellerton High. Phoenix is the fourth teenager to die within a year. His street fight stabbing follows the deaths of Jonas, Summer and Arizona in equally strange and sudden circumstances. […]