A Look Back at Blog World (2)

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A Look Back at Blog World (2)
This is my second Look Back at Blog World and it’s where I share some links I found searching online in the past week or two that I thought were worth sharing. I also answer any comments/questions on my posts that I figured needed a reply.
Books I’m Now Curious to Read
I saw a review for The Fairyland Murders at Must Read Faster. Please check out the review for more thoughts, but the blog really seemed to enjoy the book. I’ve been pretty interested in fairy tale type of reads lately, and this one sounds unique and interesting! The review is attached to the blog name above!
Debbie from the blog Bookish shared her thoughts on the book We’ll Always Have Paris: a Mother/Daughter Memoir. I’ve been trying to read more memoirs lately, especially ones written by your regular, everyday people. I love that this book focuses on a mom and daughter. I’m curious about Europe, and Paris, so I think this would be a good choice for me. Again, the review is attached to the blog name above!
Interesting Posts in Blog World:
*The blog Life Anchored shared this cute DIY Birthday Basket Gift. I love the idea of gift baskets because they are fun and creative, but they don’t have to be all that difficult to put together. If someone gave me a gift basket of items they love or thought I would really enjoy, I’d be very touched. It shows a bit more thought than just giving someone a single gift for their birthday, or other holiday.
*The website Slate shared an article (with pictures) about a photographer who takes a photo every time he sees someone reading a book on the Subway. The idea is that e-books and e-novels are taking over, so it’s going to become more and more rare to see someone reading a physical book. I hate the idea that physical books aren’t as popular, but I don’t feel like they will completely disappear. Regardless, I loved this article!

*Baby Loving Mama shared a fun Edible Rainbow Kids Activity. I love that you could use this as a decoration for a party too. She notes that if you want your child to be able to eat this, then doing so soon after creating would be best or the cereal will go stale!  (The photo above belongs to the blog, Baby Loving Mama).

Your Questions Answered:
I had a Waiting on Wednesday post about The Connicle Curse: 
Someone commented about not quite knowing if the
book was historical fiction or not. It is, it takes place in turn-of-the-century
London and is described as a historical mystery series.You can visit this link to learn more about the series. 

My Into the Woods review: Someone commented about Johnny Depp and his ability to sing, so I thought I would share a video from the movie version of the musical, Sweeney Todd, where Depp plays the title character. His singing voice is very similar to his role as the Wolf in Into the Woods.

17 responses to “A Look Back at Blog World (2)

  1. I absolutely love the DIY birthday basket. I tried to do something similar for Christmas with stationary bits and pieces for a dear friend of mine who is also a blogger. It's a great idea for someone who has it all already isn't it. Thanks for sharing Lauren, love these wrap ups <3

  2. Oh I have missed your Into the Woods review post *goes of to read it* I want to see that movie and I will have to go soon. I mean that cast is amazing. Also yeah Johnny for sure can sing! 🙂 Great post 🙂

  3. If someone ever made me a basket that would be amazing! I need more organisational things to put all my desk crap in!

    I saw that post about the photographer taking photos of people reading on the subway on facebook! I didn't know it was about ebooks vs real books though. Ebooks are becoming more popular because they are more convenient (a 1000 page novel won't fit in a work bag well, but an eReader will) but they'll never replace physical books. Not ever.

  4. Fairytales and their retellings seem to be popular these days. I contributed to Two and Twenty Dark Tales a few years ago. It was an interesting experience.

    Anything Depp does is edgy and different. He fascinates, doesn't he?

  5. Love the birthday basket idea! I'm starting to collect gift ideas like this, as I know I'd love to get a basket full of goodies chosen just for me instead of a generic gift card. 🙂

  6. Love this feature idea 🙂 Also, I love the idea of reading more memoirs too. I've finally started getting into the idea of non-fiction and now I would like to learn more about real life people in words. Regular, everyday people would be a bonus!
    I liked Johnny Depp's voice in Sweeney Todd so it's nice to see him singing in Into the Woods 🙂

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