Actor: Reece Thompson

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Reece Thompson
By: Lauren

Actor Reece Thompson is still starting out in his career…being only 19. But being only 19, he seems to be headed in the right direction.

He starred in the film Rocket Science as the lead role, Hal Hefner, a stuttering boy who gets taken under the wing of a fellow student, Ginny, to become a part of the debating team.

This year, you’ll be able to see him in the movie Assassination of a High School President…but unitl then, check him out on the web with some friends who star in their own hilarious videos… or what they call Jittas.

1.When did you first start getting involved with acting? What do you hope to be doing in the future?

I first got involved in acting when I was twelve years old. I left elementary school to be homeschooled, and I began going to an acting school which introduced me to an agent who I signed with and started attending auditions.

2.You’re a part of Jitterbug Productions. Who else is involved with this? How did the idea originate? What is the process to shoot a Jitta, from concept to screening?

Basically the Jitta started out just me and two friends shooting videos for fun. But the more we got involved with it the more serious we got. Usually the process involves a concept which is usually derrived from an inside joke, which blossoms into something else. And then we come up with a basic structure in which we improvise the dialogue. Then we cut it and upload it onto youtube. It usually takes us about a day from concept to viewing pleasure.We are trying to get more serious about it now, and script our sketches out, which usually gives us better results.

3.Since you’ve been the lead in films for the past two years at Sundance, what is that experience like for you?

Well it’s been great. Obviously it’s a dream come true. And it’s very humbling when people talk to you the way they do at Sundance, and then I come home and nobody in my home town knows who i am, haha.

4.In both ‘Rocket Science’ and ‘Assassination’, you’ve worked with first time feature directors. How does this differ from working with a director who has been through the feature process before?

Well so far the only ‘feature experienced’ director I’ve worked with is Lawrence Kasden. And I didn’t really find a big difference between working with him than with Brett and Jeff. I dunno if that’s just because i’ve been incredibly lucky or I just picked the right first time directors.

5. In the movie Rocket Science, your character Hal has a stutter. How did you rehearse it? Was it hard to do or not really?

It just took time and practice. The director had a stutter so he talked me through it.

6.Are there any actors or directors that you would love to work with in the future? Have you worked with anyone already that you admire?

Well there are way too many people to name. I’ve barely begun in this career. And there are way too many people i admire.

7.What does you look for in a film project (script, director, budget, cast,etc) that helps you decide if you want to be associated with a project?

It all starts with the script. If I like the script and can read all the way through it without asking questions like, “why did that happen?” “That didn’t make any sense,” then I’m intrigued. I’m pretty picky though. If I read the first page and don’t like it. I usually put it away.And when it comes to the director as long as we get along and see eye to eye then I’m down.

8.Who do you respect and admire as an actor for their career body of work?

Well I think Ryan Gosling is really smart. And Johnny Depp I suppose. he’s made alot of good choices. But there are lots.

9.What are some of the nicest and/or craziest comments you’ve received from fans?

I have fans?

10.What is your idea of being successful in this business?

Having no regrets.

11.You were in an episode of the show Smallville in 2006. Had you previously been a fan of the show? What was filming a show such as Smallville like?

I was a fan when I was younger. But sort of grew out of TV in general for a while. And working on it was pretty fun. I got to work with two of my old friends, Devin Drewitz and Bryce Hodgeson.

12.When it comes to movies, people often take away various quotes that they always remember. Are there any from the movie Rocket Science that you particularly liked?

There’s a Cello in your house now, is always a favorite.

13.If you weren’t involved with acting, what else would you like to do?

Writing, Directing. Something within the industry. Or some form of psychotherapist. I’m a good listener.

14.What are you currently working on at the moment? Is there anything people can expect from you anytime soon?

Not really. I haven’t really got anything coming up right now, except for the release of Assassination. But hopefully something comes up. I’m always looking.

15.Finally, what are you listening too/watching/reading these days?

I’m listening to alot of indie stuff right now. Coconut Records, Ben Kweller, David Ford. And I do really like that fallen American Idol contestant, Josiah Leming. I think he has alot of talent.
Watching TV and reading books.

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  1. Great Interview. Anyone who is a fan of Coconut Records and Ryan golsing is a friend of mine 🙂 Keep up the good work Reece!

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