BEA Non-Book Wish-List Item!

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That photo above is the Casio EX-FC150 digital camera. Doesn’t it look fun? I’m not the smartest person when it comes to electronics but I would really love to learn how to use my own digital camera. My family has one but it’s more for family use and not really owned by one of us. With New York and BEA coming up this week, I’m sad that I don’t have my own camera…if you meet me (I’ll be at BEA on Wednesday) you might find me snapping your photo with a one-use camera. It’s my trademark really, but it doesn’t guarantee me awesome photos. I might have to steal some of Chelsea’s (The Page Flipper) as I’ve elected her as my guide…meaning I’m following her around most of the time!
If I did have a camera of my own, the above looks really nice. With little knowledge, I really love the idea that it’s “the fastest camera” Casio makes and they say “You will never miss a shot again due to annoying shutter lag ever again.” Can you say “awesome”?! This would definitely be ideal for when you want a lot of shots and the camera being slow is not good…like an author signing or a concert. I know our camera here is often slow inbetween and it’s hard to capture the perfect shot because of the lag.
Again, I don’t know much about cameras. There might be something a lot better on the Casio site. If you know of something, feel free to let me know. One of these days I need to get my own. I love taking pictures and I find I haven’t taken hardly as many as I used too. I have tons from high school…that one-use camera again…but now that I’m in college, a digital would be more of an advantage.
Ah…if only I was lucky to be asked to review this sometime. I’d take them up on that offer in a heartbeat!
For now, go and browse the site, why don’t you? The above camera is here and the main site is here.

2 responses to “BEA Non-Book Wish-List Item!

  1. I have a camera & an iPad but no way to upload the images to the iPad….so no pics for the blog until I get home. Apple has an adapter but I can't get it until after June…bummer
    Hope I see you in NYC!

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