The Benefits of Textbook Rentals

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The Benefits of Renting Textbooks in College by Lauren
Textbook rentals are something that I have heard about in the past few years. Whenever I go to my school’s bookstore at the start of every semester, I am offered the chance to rent my books. While I have not personally done so yet, it is something I am thinking of doing in the future as I go into my last year of undergraduate school. Books are crazy expensive and I feel like the prices are continuously going up. If you know anything about the life of a college student…we have a lot to pay for…from tuition to books to supplies. Some students even pay for room and board, food, and not to mention clothes/entertainment/etc.

Renting textbooks can be one way that you save money. Book Rentals is one such website that allows you to rent books for your classes. A customer commented on the site that they spent only $60 for a semester of books instead of the usual $200. Like I stated above, I have always bought my books but that’s because they are generally not as expensive as, say, a science major, and I can sell mine back at the end of the semester and  get some money back.

If you rent textbooks… you can’t sell them back, but you are more than likely going to save so much more money. I would seriously consider renting your books if you look into the prices and renting is much cheaper than buying. You just need to consider if you want to save your books (as some do) or if you’re sure you will be trying to get rid of them by the end of your classes. If you don’t want them, then I would rent.
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13 responses to “The Benefits of Textbook Rentals

  1. I wish I could have rented. Those things were expensive. Better yet… rental through digital media. You could still highlight and it wouldn't really harm the book. Then they could just "take back the book" at the end of semester. No worries about losing their books! Would be a great option.

    Oh and besides… even when you did sell them back you got like 2% on your investment… if that.

  2. What a great idea, I remember how much text books cost and how small a market there seemed to be for second hand books which was a great shock given how expensive they were to buy new.

  3. We didn't have this option at all when I was in Uni. I bought so many books I only needed for a couple of months and then never picked up again! There just wasn't any other way. It's great to know that there is such a thing, I wish my students could have something similar.

  4. Sounds like a great option! My house is filled with all these reference books that I don't use after I'm done with the subject. I prefer buying books and keeping them though but it sounds like a great option for books that I wouldn't want to keep after the semester. I wonder if such an option is available in my country. Great post!

  5. Textbooks ARE expensive! When people told me this before, I didn't believe them. But my older sister is heading off to uni next year and we're in danger of fainting a little at the costs LOL :') I think it's so cool how they have that now since my aunt said that was never really an option when she was in school! Thank goodness we don't have to pay for the ones in grade school at least x)

    Thanks for sharing this, Lauren! I will bookmark the link for my sister 🙂 <3

  6. Textbooks are so expensive! I should probably rent mine because I still haven't gotten to selling my old textbooks yet. Yikes.

  7. The prices of textbooks are outrageous! I always used to buy mine but after a few semesters of not being able to sell them back I started renting. It's SOOO MUCH cheaper! Personally, I've found to be the cheapest =)

  8. Renting is such a great idea. I ended up buying most of my books when I was in college, but luckily I retook a bunch of professors who I knew didn't use the book so I never bought those. I also used the library sometimes. I was surprised at how many of my assigned textbooks were in the regular library. Also, the school library and tutoring center usually have copies you can use, too.

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