Blog Tours for LGBT+ Books

Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance Blog Tours

If you are an author and have an LGBT+ book coming out, please get in touch about putting together a blog tour! These can be a legitimate tour where bloggers post about the book during a set time period, or it can be a bit more open ended if you just want people posting about your book during a set time frame (one month, etc.)
What Books/Authors: Any novel that would be labeled as LGBT+. It doesn’t matter the genre or age level! Right now, I do ask that the book have been published by a company – it can be an indie label though!
Authors: Please contact me here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com and be sure to mention the blog tours in the title so I know it’s not spam. 
Once we have contacted each other, we can figure out what you are looking for and go from there! We can offer reviews, interviews, guest posts, social media help. A lot of bloggers wish to read the book before interviewing, etc. but we’ll discuss that too! 
Price: Right now there is no set price; I’m willing to work with authors! Just let me know what you are thinking. Also, if you give me enough notice, I would like the opportunity to read the book beforehand so I can share my thoughts with potential blogs!
Bloggers: Right now I do have a list of bloggers to email with opportunities, but I’m always hoping to add more. If you are a blogger, please get in touch and I will add you to my emails. 
You are not obligated to host every novel; you will get emails when I’m working with a new book though so you can get in touch if you are interested!
Again, if you have questions, I’m Lauren and you can reach me here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
The name for these blog tours comes from my LGBT+ blog, Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance: which is LGBT for short!