Book review: The Host-Stephenie Meyer

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The Host by Stephenie Meyer
Review by: Kari

The world has been invaded. The “souls” have taken control. Not little green men, but small and silver aliens implanted into the back of a human’s neck. They are here to bring peace to a world that seems to be in chaos. They believe the humans have destroyed earth with violence. But some humans have survived and they want to fight for their home.

When the humans are implanted they are erased by the “soul” inside of them. Well, that’s what is supposed to happen, but for a “soul” named Wanderer she can still hear her host, Melanie Stryder.

The Host starts off with Wanderer trying to find her host’s boyfriend, Jared. She can see Melanie’s memories, but some images Melanie won’t show her. This intrigues the “soul” and she wants to find out as much about Jared as she can. Not only can she see Melanie’s memories she also can feel her emotions.

The more you read The Host the harder it is to put down. I love to watch science-fiction movies and television programs. It is hard for me to read a book that is classified science-fiction, but I was enraptured by this book. There was enough romance and adventure to balance out the science-fiction elements of The Host. This is the book to start with if you are thinking about trying a different type of genre.

Stephenie Meyer has written a great book for both adults and teenagers, though unlike Twilight and its sequels, The Host includes a bit more violence. Her already formed fan base will love this new and exciting story. The vivid descriptions help you see a world that seems impossible to imagine.

This book has an unique story line that involves a complex love triangle and lets you feel the emotions of the characters like you are apart of the book. It will bring you on a rollercoaster of emotions involving love, betrayal, fear, and loyalty. The Host ends on a note of hope, that will make everyone smile. I can’t wait to see what this amazing young writer can come up with next.

24 responses to “Book review: The Host-Stephenie Meyer

  1. Anonymous

    DISSAPOINTMENT of eclipse!?!? no WAY! i loved it with a passion. + this book looks amazing;cant wait to read it

  2. Anonymous

    DISAPOINTMENT of eclipse!?! no WAY! i loved it with a passion. cant wait to read the Host: it looks amazing

  3. Roxanne

    Sounds awesome! Liviania, how the HELL was Eclipse a dissapointment?! Stephenie Meyer is incredibly talented and just a total sweetheart. I’m still catching up to all the news I missed to do with The Host, but so far so good!
    Wow… never thought I’d ever catch myself looking forward to a freaking MONDAY.

  4. monica

    The Host sounds good but I dont think that it will be better than the Twilight series. Either way, it will be interesting to read it. Nice review by the way.

  5. Trista

    I was lucky enough to receive an advanced readers copy of this book and it was unexpectedly…


    I’ve never considered reading any sci-fi books, since sci-fi never really interested me…

    but with the suprising twists and complicated love story, this sci-fi is NOT a sci-fi at all. Its just a heart-breaking situation that forces each character to make desicions and face the consequences whether good or bad…

    …with a twist of parasite worms that take over human bodies. 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I literally go into convulsions when I think about how far away Breaking Dawn is. I like totally cant wait for it, along with Midnight Sun 😀 and The Host sounds amazing…tomorrow it’s comes out!!!!!! I wont be able to suffer through school!

  7. Thanks for all the comments. And I’m glad you liked the review from Kari. I hope you enjoy the book as much as she did. I’m excited to get a shot to read it as well soon.


  8. Anonymous

    I’ve read a few books in my time: Lord Jim, Gatsby, Fountainhead, Atlas Shrugged, a lot of asimov, michener, joyce, etc., etc., anita blake led me to twilight, moon, et al. they’re really good and, over time, I have read them a number of times.. last thursday my daughter called and told me that she had stephanie meyer’s new book ‘The Host’ (I confess I didn’t even know there was a new book) and did I want to read it? “Sure,” said I and she promptly showed up at my door with said book. Friday a.m., at 4:30, I woke up, let the cat out, and finished the book by 8:30 a.m. Then, I made coffee and thought about the story. By 10:30 I had picked the book up and started reading it again, from page one, word one. Later that day, I put the book down for the second time.

    I will not discuss the plot.

    I will not say that this is the best book that I have ever read, however, I will say that I feel that it is Ms Meyer’s best work to-date and “The Host’ is the only book that I have read twice back-to-back .. and I will say that I enjoyed it as much the second time as I did the first time.

    I will say that I am a 65 yo male who has been shot, seen things that I wish I had not seen, had to make decisions that affected other adults and said goodbyes to too many people that I cared for. There were times, as I read ‘The Host’ that I had to stop and get the Kleenex box.

  9. Anonymous

    I just got the host like two days ago and so far it is amazing even though i don’t get into science fic. a lot this is no where close to it. I’m so thankful of the host cause i thought i couldn’t wait for breaking dawn, midnight sun and the twilight movie to come out!!! So THANK YOU!!!

  10. Anonymous 1: Thanks for telling your story. I have not read the book yet, but am very excited too…even more now from your experience of reading it. Thanks!

    Anonymous 2: I know! I feel like I can’t wait for all those things either. 🙂


  11. Anonymous

    I’ve read the book. Absolutely fantastic.
    She’s definitely the next J.K.Rowling. I love all her work!

  12. Anonymous

    i totally agree! she’s wrote the best books i’ve ever read in my life. The host was awesome!!

  13. Karen

    As everyone has already said, stephenie is an awesome writer. her books are just so diffrent. i wait everyday for an update on Twilight.

  14. Anonymous

    omgg i love love love love this book! its one of the best books i ever even made me was amazingg!! i rlyy hope they make a movie for this book because its awsome<33

  15. That book was absolutely AMAZING! I’ve already read it twice:D. I’m going to be there at midnight for Breaking Dawn and also Twilight no doubt!!

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