Bunbury and Buckle Up: The Vendors!

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Bunbury and Buckle Up Music Festival are two events that occurred in the last couple weeks in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was lucky enough to get media passes to both events and to entice others to attend next year (you really should), I’m here to share a bit more about these festivals…aka the VENDORS!

All photos taken by either Kari or Lauren Becker

First up, we have Krochet Kids, which was a booth available to purchase from at both festivals. This wonderful non-profit has women from other countries create beautiful headbands, hats, and more and the profits go back to them to better their lives. If you want to learn more, definitely visit their website. What I really loved about the pieces is that each one is hand signed by the woman who made it on the tag.

My sister and I really loved the hats they had available, and I also would have loved to have gotten a shirt. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the money to purchase at the festival, but I do hope to support this organization soon.

This is one of the official merchandise booths, so if you heard someone play and really loved it, you could check these out and see if they have an album or other merch item available. Plus, you can get official merchandise dedicated to the actual festival.

The photo above is Bunbury, and I got my Jesse Thomas c.d. here, but
obviously Buckle Up had these booths too. There was one on each end of
the festival grounds.

I really liked that they took a few credit cards instead of just cash, since most of the booths only allowed cash. It makes sense, of course, but I was only able to buy the c.d. at the festival because they took my card. Also, they sold ponchos for $5.00, which is so great as it rained at least one of the days for each festival.

The booth above is for the Music Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is such a great program, as I firmly believe that music is an important part of many people’s lives and can give many something to focus their energy and emotions on. Unfortunately, it was a bit rainy when I visited this booth, so the instruments were covered up. Normally though, people could visit the booth and play around with the instruments and learn more about this youth-based program. They were another vendor available at both festivals.

From their website: For a membership fee of $24/year, teens in grades 7-12 can attend MRC to learn computer music production & recording, and take private music lessons.

These two photos come from the vendor Baizaar, a traveling boutique that offers a variety of jewelry, journals, and more from countries such as India and Thailand.

This was another vendor that allowed you to use credit cards, so I had to purchase something for myself and my sister. She chose a silver ring (sorry for the lack of a photo) and I got a small journal from India.
This shop was definitely cool to visit and the women running it were very sweet. They only attended Bunbury, however. 
Real Leather Stuff was a vendor available at both festivals. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine it got more interest at the Buckle Up festival, with all those country fans and whatnot. 
I took a long shot of a few other vendors at Buckle Up, including WNKU (a local radio station who was at Bunbury too), the Music Resource Center, and Down n Dirty Hats (only at Buckle Up, as they sold cowboy hats).
Pure Romance was a larger vendor that was at both festivals. They even offered a charging station for your phones! They were giving out some free items, including a pair of sunglasses that I saw a lot of guys wearing (including a friend of mine).
Cincy Shirts was definitely at the Buckle Up festival, though I can’t say for sure about Bunbury. I believe they were at both though! It would make sense, since their shirts are representing the city!
And that’s it for the vendors. There were obviously some other vendors at Bunbury and Buckle Up, but I tried to focus on as many as I could, especially if they were at both festivals. I still have Buckle Up musical acts, food, and reasons to attend next year coming up! I hope you’re enjoying the festival posts!

10 responses to “Bunbury and Buckle Up: The Vendors!

  1. It's always a pain for me cause I ALWAYS run out of cash at festivals and then I can't buy much. So I liked that more places do take cards now.
    I LOVE visiting vendors and I'm always tempted by their goods. Looks like some good ones were there!

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