Bunbury and Buckle Up: Yum, Yum, Food!

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You didn’t think I was finished sharing Bunbury and Buckle Up posts, did you? For anyone that’s new, these are two music festivals that took place last month in Cincinnati, Ohio. Today’s post is going to be all about the FOOD that I found at both these festivals and what you can probably expect if you were to attend next year.

First, we have Island Noodles that was available at both festivals. You can get just the noodles, or you can add chicken. My family always added the chicken, and mm mm is it good! My sister and I shared a carton at Bunbury and my mom and I actually got the noodles a couple time at Buckle Up. It’s a nice, more substantial “meal” for the festivals.

All Natural Chill: Shaved Ice Bar was only available at Bunbury, which was upsetting because I really wanted to try it out again at Buckle Up. This shaved ice was so yummy, very refreshing, and full of flavor. It was probably the best shaved ice I’ve had in awhile. My sister and I shared the cup in the photo above. I believe it was a strawberry/lemonade mix. Best thing about this little food car is that it’s from Cincinnati – they even offer their services for parties!

I tried to take photos of as many of the food options as I could, even if I didn’t personally buy anything at the festivals from them. For the photos above, you see that we had Chipotle and Moerlein (beer brewed in Cincinnati) available at Bunbury. Chipotle was selling tacos for a fairly good price, I thought. I think it was about  two tacos for $5. Festival food can get expensive, so it was nice to see!

Bistro De Mohr was a food truck that sold farm fresh food. My sister and I got cheeseburgers from them on Saturday night at Bunbury. I don’t really eat a lot of burgers, but these were quite good. The truck is based out of Ohio, which is also exciting! Not all the food options are local to the area, after all.

I was never able to try Street Pops, but I saw many people did. It was a tiny stand that sold great sounding popsicles! I wish I could have tried them, as they were at both festivals. This is another Cincinnati food item, and they even have their own shop to visit as well as going out to events to directly meet the people. Hopefully that means I can try them soon!

One of my favorite food finds at Bunbury this year was Cincinnati-area Jenny’s Homemade Cookies. I was so excited to see that they were back the next week at Buckle Up too. My sister and I tried one of the cookies at Bunbury (chocolate chip I believe) and my mom and I got a couple the next week at Buckle Up. They have a variety of flavors (white chocolate macadamia that my mom loved and s’mores that I thought was pretty good, etc.) so there is sure to be something you love! If you’re not from Cincy, you can visit the website to see how to order online!

I do like Dojo Gelato! I tried them last year at Bunbury and really enjoyed the ice cream type snack. Definitely good to have when it’s so hot out! This food truck was also available at Bunbury this year.

Both Bunbury and Buckle Up presented Friendly’s Catering where you could go and get a variety of food. I tried to get a picture of some of what they offered on the left above. On the right, we have the bloomin’ onion that my sister got at Bunbury. I didn’t really like it, but she thought it was fairly good. It was a bit difficult to cut into. A lady at Bunbury saw us holding the bloomin’ onion and referred to Friendly’s Catering as “carnival food”, which is fairly accurate! At Buckle Up, I tried the funnel cake and really liked it. My mom got some kind of sandwich, but I’m afraid I don’t remember the name. She did like it though.

Taste of Belgium is from Cincinnati and they offered some of their famous items at both festivals (I believe) and Dippin Dots ice cream could be found at Buckle Up.

Tom and Chee is a grilled cheese place from Newport, KY that offers up all sorts of unique grilled cheese stylings. They were available at Buckle Up, as was Roll With It Cafe that offered sandwiches and fresh cut fries. I didn’t try either of these, but again, I wanted to share the variety of food available at the two festivals.


And there you have it, a pretty varied look at the food options that were available at Bunbury and/or Buckle Up music festivals! I hope some of you will think about going to one of these festivals next year; they are lots of fun! I have a couple more posts to go, so keep an eye out.

11 responses to “Bunbury and Buckle Up: Yum, Yum, Food!

  1. Ooooh! Shaved Ice! It sounds so good with the horrible heat we've been having here in So. Cal. I love Chipolte, but I always forget they're an option. Thanks for the remind, I think I'll pick them up for dinner on my way home from work tomorrow. Great post! 🙂

  2. Wow, way to make me hungry! Haha. I almost never eat festival food because, like you said, it's pretty expensive, but that doesn't stop me from admiring it. I tried to pick a most-delicious-sounding while reading this post, but I was unsuccessful. It looks like you had fun! 🙂

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