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I know that Amy has done a Book Blogger Appreciation Week and I think that’s an amazing idea and even hope to help with this year’s celebration. However, I was thinking that it might be nice to do something to show appreciation for specific bloggers (this can be any blogger, though I do know most YA bloggers read my blog so it would be nice to at least START with one of them).

The idea is to have one or two bloggers be picked (by other bloggers) each month and during that month, other bloggers need to come up with something to send to that blogger. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can simply be a card saying how you were inspired to start a blog because of them, or read a book because of them, or that you really just love their blog and think they are doing a good job. Show your appreciation in any way you can!

If you can’t mail something, write a really nice email and send it to them during their month. It doesn’t matter!

Now, if you are picked, what do you do?
-Let us know if you don’t mind anyone having your address to send their gift, or if you want certain people to have it and for everyone to send their gift to THEM and they will send everything to YOU (mix it so not ONE person has to send everything). Does that make sense?

Who can be a part of this?

-Again, this can be anyone, but I’d love to get this set up this week so that we have two people picked for the month of February and one of them should be YA, since like I said, mostly YA bloggers read my stuff (or so it seems based on comments!)

-Anyone can be nominated. After that, I’ll take who got the most nominations and put it up for vote so that we have two people picked (Thanks to Megan for letting me know I skipped this step in explaining!) If it ties, we’ll try and break the tie or simply pick randomly between the people. If you are PICKED but want to step down, that’s up to you. We’ll contact you if you are picked of course!

What to do now?

-Post your thoughts in the comments.
-Feel free to start nominating.
-Spread the word to anyone you know!

I think that’s it. If you have a question, let me know. If you have a suggestion, let me know too. I’m trying to do this the best I can, but I can always use help or ideas. It’s just supposed to be fun!

28 responses to “Celebrate Bloggers: Please Read!

  1. Carol: I’m glad you think so, and thanks for your nominations! Remember to spread the word. 🙂

    Alea: Aw, thanks. It was something I thought of yesterday and figured I’d see what we could do.

    You still have a bit of time! I need to figure out my gift as well for that. lol


  2. Kelsey: Thank you so much!

    Liv: I certainly hope so. 🙂

    Robin: Thank you! I haven’t heard of anything like it either, so I hope it goes well.

    Remember to nominate people: You can email me your choices too!


  3. I like this. I’ll try to tell everyone : )


    Presenting Lenore
    The Page Flipper
    Reviewer X
    Pop Culture Junkie
    Reader Rabbit
    Bookluver Carol

    Can I add more later?

  4. Sounds like an awesome idea!

    I nominate (and I’ll be missing a few, I’m sure):

    YOU! Yes, you, Lauren!
    Bookluver Carol
    Page Flipper
    Story Siren
    Book Muncher
    Reviewer X
    Pop Culture Junkie
    Just Blinded Book Reviews
    Harmony Book Reviews
    Hope’s Bookshelf
    Presenting Lenore
    and Reading Keeps You Sane

    I’m prolly forgetting a few though…

  5. Thao: Of course you can add more later! The more, the merrier honestly. Thanks for spreading the word!

    Yan: Thanks! As for how many months, there isn’t a set time. I don’t want to bog people down each month, so I’m thinking only two (MAYBE three if people want too) a month and it’ll keep going to include more and more people if people want it too.

    James: Aw, thank you. That’s really kind.
    I know how you feel…there are definitely a lot of worthy candidates, it’s hard to think of everyone right away, but we’ll get to them if we keep doing this.


  6. Good idea! I nominate: me! lol just kidding.

    I do think it is neat idea. I would have to hard time choosing people because there are so many awesome YA blogs.

  7. Yan

    Remember when I said that I’ll nominate people? Yeahhh ummm it’s sooo hard! I think I’m too much of a wuss to actually nominate people x.x Anyway, I blogged about it for you Lauren~~

  8. Sharon: I’d nominate you! And oh yes, I know! That’s why if this goes over well, we can hopefully focus on most of them.

    TowerofBooks: Thanks for your thoughts and nomination!

    Yan: Thanks for spreading the word, and i know how you feel. It IS hard. You can always email your nominations to me as well so nobody else will know who you did or did not pick.

    Livinia: Definitely! Hopefully we can get it narrowed down this weekend as to who all will be first!!


  9. I nominate:

    The Page Flipper
    The Story Siren
    The Book Muncher
    Reviewer X
    Pop Culture Junkie
    Books by Their Cover
    Bookluver Carol
    Just Blinded Book Reviews
    Harmony Book Reviews
    Hope’s Bookshelf
    Presenting Lenore
    Reading Keeps You Sane
    The Complusive Reader
    The Chick Manfesto
    Sharon loves Books and Cats
    In Bed with Books
    Book Chic
    and more.

  10. mmhmm, lovely idea 😀

    i nominate the following…bloggers:

    You of course :]
    Books By Their Cover
    The Story Siren
    Reviewer X
    The Book Muncher
    Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf
    Sharon Loves Books and Cats


  11. This is a great idea because it helps us newbies discover some terrific blogs.

    I nominate:
    The Book Muncher
    Presenting Lenore
    the Longstockings
    The Goddess of YA Literature

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