Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading by Tommy Greenwald

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Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading by Tommy Greenwald

Review by: Lauren

Copy from: Tommy Greenwald (Thanks!)

Official Summary: Charlie Joe Jackson may be the most reluctant reader ever born. And so far, he’s managed to get through life without ever reading an entire book from cover to cover. But now that he’s in middle school, avoiding reading isn’t as easy as it used to be. And when his friend Timmy McGibney decides that he’s tired of covering for him, Charlie Joe finds himself resorting to desperate measures to keep his perfect record intact.This is the hilarious story of an avid non-reader and the extreme lengths to which he’ll go to get out of reading a book.

Review: Okay, I must apologize to anyone out there that magically knew I was reading this book and then did not review it right away. I’m sorry, okay? I’ve been pretty sucky when it comes to reviewing books. I’m hoping to get some more posted faster. That doesn’t mean I’m not reading. I am. And some good stuff. So I gotta tell you right? Well, Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading is a really fun book. I’m a huge fan of reading, and I know if you’re reading this you might be too, but that doesn’t mean you can’t relate to having to do something but wishing you didn’t…whether it’s a class in school, chores, or hanging with the grandparents.

Charlie has a set way of reading, which includes reading as little as possible and getting other people to do more of the work. It’s going along nicely until the whole plan unravels around him. Instead of sucking it up and reading the book for school (that would be easy, right?) Charlie comes up with a big, complicated mess of a scheme to have someone else read his books…he’s even willing to let another boy date the girl he really likes!! You gotta admit…that’s dedication.

I was surprised by the slight twist near the end of the book. Maybe people will know it from the beginning or see it coming, but I think it’s pretty clever and sneaks up on you. It’s fun though and I really enjoyed the book. It’s a pretty quick read, and it’s great for readers and non-readers alike…as well as people of all ages. It’s a middle school book…but that doesn’t mean Charlie can’t speak to all of our inner rebels!!

2 responses to “Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to NOT Reading by Tommy Greenwald

  1. It's funny how kids will spend more time trying to get out of something than it would actually take to do the task. This book sounds like fun and Charlie sounds like a great character.

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