(Reviews) Coven + Over My Dead Body

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I read two graphic novels recently that dealt with witches, so I thought I’d share my reviews in the same post. I really loved both of these. One was four stars, and the other was five, but I’d recommend both!

Coven by Jennifer Dugan and Kit Seaton

Emsy has grown up in California, but when members of her family’s coven are brutally murdered, her parents suddenly decided that they would be safer by going home – in New York. Emsy is not happy, to say the least, since she has to say goodbye to friends, her girlfriend, and surfing. Once in New York, Emsy starts to get closer to a couple of the younger coven members and they get caught up in a plan to bring the recently murdered back to life.

I really felt for Emsy, though I didn’t love how she blew off her friend and girlfriend when they visited her in New York. I found the mystery really interesting and I definitely didn’t see the end coming. I loved that Coven was so LGBT+ positive. It just was – no issues. We need more books like that. I don’t know if Coven will have a sequel, but I’d love to read more about these characters and their coven. Interesting story and wonderful artwork – 4 stars!

Over My Dead Body by Sweeney Boo

First off, this one is 5 star worthy and I really do recommend it. It takes place at Younwity’s Institute of Magic and follows Abby, whose mentee and friend, Noreen, goes missing in the days leading up to Samhain. While she’s told the Coven will search for Noreen, Abby is content to just wait around for answers, so she enlists the help of two friends to try and track down Noreen.

The disappearance of Noreen is tied to something that happened years ago at the Institute, which the book shows here and there. I found the two stories to be fascinating, and I was curious how they would all come together. The artwork in this book is beautifully done. It’s all in color, but it still has a darker, moody feel that really fits the premise.

While Over My Dead Body is a complete story, I would absolutely love to see more stories that take place within the walls of Younwity’s Institute of Magic. I read this book through my library, but it’s one I’d love to own in a physical edition.

5 responses to “(Reviews) Coven + Over My Dead Body

  1. verushka

    Oh hello, Over my Dead Body has my interest piqued for sure! The cover doesn’t give too much away does it?

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