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Happy New Year! Did you do anything fun for New Year’s Eve? Today, I’m linking up with Currently and tomorrow, I’ll link up with What’s New With You. Join me!

Ooh these prompts are a little tough, I have to admit. Well, let’s see what I can come up with then…

Choosing: My word for 2019. While I do plan on making goals or resolutions for the new year, I like the idea of a word to kind of encompass the things you want to do or how you want to feel. For 2019, my word is going to be Growth. I want to grow the blog more, grow in my personal life, grow in my job/career, just grow all around into the person I want to continue to be. What’s your word of the year?

Tidying: All the gifts that I got for Christmas. It’s nothing too big or outrageous, but I still need to make a home for all the things that I was gifted by friends and family – lots and lots of socks, page-a-day calendar, two new records for my record player, and more! Did you get anything fun for the holidays?

Resolving: I plan on making resolutions/goals for 2019, but I will be sharing those later in the month, so keep an eye out.

Exploring: My work in progress. I have a few different book ideas, but I actually started one and I really didn’t do much with it in 2018. I am ready to start exploring where this book can go!

Refreshing: My glasses! I got a new pair after basically 10 years. Seriously – it’s been a long time. It took a bit to adjust, but I really love them, and I’m glad that my mom and sister talked me into getting new ones before my friend’s wedding. I think I look great in them in the photos I’ve seen so far!


January seemed to go on forever last year, so hopefully it won’t drag as much in 2019. I have some library events planned, but I also still need to get a new planner for 2019 to keep track of all of these things. Whoops! I’m definitely behind, but I’m sure I’ll get something soon. It hasn’t snowed much where I live, but it tends to snow a lot more in January/February. I actually really hope we get at least one big snow – they are just fun! You can curl up at home and read a good book. What’s not to love?

If you did your own Currently/What’s New With You post, feel free to share it in the comments. Otherwise, I’d love to know your answers for any of the above prompts!

Here’s to an amazing 2019!!!

37 responses to “January 2019: Currently

  1. Great post! You have some great goals set out to accomplish! Really liked the prompt of this Currently Edition. I like how you went with Growth. I think that’ll suit me as well. Really want to grow the blog some more this year and to grow a lot more on a personal level as well!

  2. I’m doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, too. I got a lot of really nice things but girl…. my SIL got me an unofficial biography of Robert Pattinson and a sticker for my car. Both would have been cool 10 years ago. Oy. So I’m not super sure what I’m going to do with that. But it’s nice to have the house not feel cluttered anymore now that all of the Christmas stuff is packed away!

  3. I still need to get all my Christmas gifts sorted and put away. It’s not like there were loads, I just need to find places for it all and put it away. I still have a little pile in the living room. Love the new glasses!!

  4. I love your new glasses! They look great! And I think growth is a great word for the year! And yes, January went on forever last year, then again we had snow here into April, so the entire winter went on forever in my opinion! Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again!

  5. Your word for the year is fantastic Lauren! Growth! We all needed it, in all areas of our lives. My motto for the year is “Stay Curious” because I realized that being curious is what made me find and pursue most of my dreams like book blogging and writing a book. And talking about that… I really really hope you find a way to fit writing in your plans! Can’t wait to read your updates and maybe even be CPs! Can’t wait for your resolutions post!

  6. I have an abundance of Christmas gifts at home – but most of them are for baby! My word for the year is rejoice. Finding joy in the little, everyday things of life πŸ™‚

  7. Your glasses look great on you, I love the pair you chose! And growth is such a great word of the year, it goes really well with your “exploring” idea too. Good luck!

  8. Great word for 2019! (But HOW do you not have a planner yet?? Lol! I bought one back in the fall because I’m crazy.) Good luck with all the 2019 resolutions! Can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

  9. I love your new glasses! The best present so far has been a Half Price Books gift card. I got some great titles with it! My word for 2019 is wellness. I just started teaching again after a year off for grad school, and it’s been a rough transition – mostly because I’m prepping for and teaching three classes. I’m learning to step back and take some time for myself. It makes the work I do so much better and gives me the energy to BE with my students, not just teach them.

    Crystal @ Lost in Storyland recently posted: Classroom Book Wishlist
  10. Love the new glasses! I meant to get a new pair last year but didn’t… definitely on the list for this year! Sounds like you got a lot of great gifts! My main present this year was a programmable crock-pot and I love it! That probably makes me sound like an old lady haha!. And I didn’t get my planner yet either! I’m waiting for Michael’s to restock online since I love the mini Happy Planners πŸ™‚

    Dani recently posted: What's New With Me Currently
  11. Tidying gifts is SO hard–because it’s not like all my generous relatives gave me (or my kids) things that already have a spot carved out for them in our house/organization system. Soooooo it’s been work to figure out where things should go!!

  12. Cute, cute glasses! They are fabulous on you. I think growth is a great word for the year and your reasons fit perfectly. Happy New Year!

  13. !! I sooo need to refresh my glasses as well! I found a place with a great deal, it’s just a matter of prioritizing funds to allot for a checkup/replacement. Mine are a little over a decade. :/ Definitely not looking forward to whatever the eye peeps will say when they learn that (although I did have contacts until I ditched them because ugh I’m lazy in adulthood).

    My word of the year is peace. I’m recovering from an eating disorder (atypical anorexia), and one of the things I’m working at is making peace with my body and accepting that it’s not something I’m supposed to whittle away, because it’s a vessel for my soul. So…peace.

    Jane recently posted: Jane Γ— 2019 πŸ¦„
  14. Growth is a wonderful word for 2019! It is important to make goals. I love the new glasses! I need to get some progressives instead of the readers I have to always take on and off. Glasses are a pain.

  15. I’ve had my glasses for ages too. Maybe not as long as you but it is not a priority to change them right now. Maybe next year!
    Your the second person I see with a word for the year. I know people do this but it’s not something I see myself doing. I like the word though because it’s my mission to strengthen my weaknesses and wants.
    I haven’t tidied up yet unfortunately. I hope to get to it today and over the weekend. I got some cool stuff including a rolling pin and a gingerbread man kit which promptly I ate too much of and kind of made me feel ick lol.
    I didn’t know you were writing a book! Have fun creating your story (:

    Adriana @ BooksOnHerMind recently posted: To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo
  16. love the new glasses! i *really* need to go to the eye doctor and get my eyes checked and get new glasses.. it’s been almost 10 years for me. oops!

  17. By far my word for the year will be hope. I’m having such a shit time of it lately that some days it feels as though it’s all that I have left. Those glasses look absolutely fabulous on you Lauren, I love the shape! It’s been two years since I needed glasses when I read and use the PC and I still can’t get used to them. I’m going to have to put the effort in this year or I’ll probably really damage my eyesight. Maybe I just need a new style too. Happy new year Lauren darling! β™‘

    Kelly recently posted: Broken Things
  18. Oh having a word of the year is really a great idea, I hope that 2019 will be amazing for you and focused on growth, too <3
    I love these glasses so much, they suit you SO well! <3
    I wish you all the best for the new year and hope that January has been great so far! <3

  19. So far so good on your early 2019 thoughts. I like your growth word. Mine is ‘joyful’. Yay for glasses you love. I wait that long before changes, too, so its always a big shocker to adjust to the new pair.
    Have a great year and I enjoy seeing how your early plans work out (mine, too, LOL).

  20. Happy New Year, Lauren! I hope you’ve been having a lovely time. I’m so jealous that you mention snow because I’ve never seen it. I always think it would be more Christmassy if there was actual snow here! But instead I had to turn on the air-con on Christmas Day, haha.

    I like your word for 2019! I don’t even know what word I would pick, to be honest. Maybe I need to sit and think about what I want to do this year and what word fits those things!

    Your new glasses look lovely πŸ˜€ It’s always scary getting a new pair because they’re like an extra part of your body, haha.

    I really need to find homes for all my Christmas stuff too, eep!

  21. There’s nothing quite like getting new glasses! Not only is your vision much sharper (at least for me it is since I usually get new frames when my prescription changes) but it always gives me a boost of confidence having new frames!

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