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I’m linking up with In Residence for the Currenly link up…
Packing: My lunchbox for work. I’m taking part in a weight loss program through a local hospital. I have meal replacements for two meals and then the third meal and all my snacks for the day are figured out due to a list. It shows what you can eat and how much. My first day was Sunday so I’ve been meal planning and figuring out what to eat everyday, especially when I’m gone for work. I need to make sure I have everything. I’m thinking of doing posts here and there about my journey – would you be interested in reading more? 

Jonesing: For those of you that don’t know, this word basically means a desire or craving for something. Right now I’d say I’m jonesing for my upcoming concerts. I have one in April – Mayday Parade. They are touring their debut album, so I’m really excited. I’ve never seen them live. I’m also seeing Green Day in August. This will be the first time I see them live too, so I’m stoked! 

Texting: I’m not really a big texter. I don’t drive, so my last text was about making plans for a ride. I’ll be seeing one of my friends a bit more though, so that’s exciting! 
Hearting: Garth Brooks!! I saw him live for the first time this past Sunday and he was amazing. I’ll post a bit more about the concert tomorrow, so look out for that. He was so great. He hasn’t been to Cincinnati in 20 years, so I’m really excited that he finally made it. If you like his music, I highly suggest trying to see him live if you can. He puts on an amazing show! 
Reading: As I write, I’m finishing up As I Am by A.M. Arthur which is the third book in the All Saints series. I’m loving it as much as the first two! I’ve also read 10 books so far this year, so I’m really excited about that. Hopefully it will be 11 by the time you read this. I’m also reading a lot of great blog posts about the women’s marches, the current state of America, etc. I wanted to share one that I really loved here in case anyone is interested.

Women’s March on Washington by Life According to Steph

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This is a new link up where you share all the things that you are recommending to people in real life, AKA, what are you currently favoriting?
Lularoe leggings – I finally tried these leggings this past fall and I’m in love. They really do feel like butter, to the touch and while you’re wearing them. I really wish they had more black available though. I love the fun designs and all the other colors, but black is much easier for me to match with things. While I’m in love with the leggings, I’ve also gotten a skirt from them and two Irma Tunics. These tunics are also very soft and you can wear them with your leggings, because they come down enough in the back and front. Like shirts should with leggings! If you haven’t tried these leggings yet, I do recommend them. I keep telling all my real life friends/family to try them out too! I got some people to buy already. 

22 responses to “Currently: What We’re Reading + Add It To My List

  1. I was finally going to try some LLR, but I needed a black shirt to match the leggins I already had…and I could NOT find that and just don't have time for the hunt, haha. They do have some super cute patters though.

  2. Everyone's been on the LLR train and I feel I'm the last to take part… I'll have to check them out; I would love some comfy slip-on leggings for days when I don't want to put on clothing, lol.

    Also I love these kinds of posts! Always fun to get a peek into your life. And I personally would LOVE to hear about your health journey. I've been trying to meal plan myself to stay away from snacking and grabbing things last minute (since those tend to be my most unhealthy meals). Would love to hear about things you're packing with you!

    I don't know much of Garth Brooks, but always happy to hear some new tunes 🙂 Hope you're having a great week, my sweet! XOXO

  3. I live in Australia, had been hearing all about LuLaRoe, but couldn't get it here. Then, a friend of mine visited at Christmas time and gifted me some. I'm in love. So, when my cousin in TX just hosted a LLR pop-up party, I was all on it! I am anxiously awaiting my new purchases. 🙂
    I love Garth. He is such a great entertainer.

  4. Good luck on your meal planning! I drink Shakeology pretty regularly and really love it because it fills me up. I always blend mine with tons of fruits and veggies ♥ Also, I am almost embarrassed to admit that I haven't tried the Lularoe leggings yet… but I have heard such AMAZING things!

  5. Yay for packing lunches! I made a bunch of food over the weekend so I'd have enough to take with me every day this week (yay for saving money? :P)! I definitely wouldn't mind some meal inspiration!

    Most of my texting over the last couple days has been with one of my co-residents since we're on the same inpatient team. I'm way better with texting than phone calls, heheh.

  6. I saw Garth Brooks once in concert in Atlantic City….when I was pregnant with my now almost 11 year old daughter! That's probably the last concert that I saw. Seeing Green Day sounds like fun! Funny, I'm a big texter and not a big phone talker.

  7. I wish I could say I've finished 10 books already this year! I need to get better about carving out more time for that. Also, I bought my first pair of Lularoe leggings recently and agree that they are so so comfortable!!

  8. So many people love LLR but I haven't convinced myself to spend the money… yet. I like a lot of the dresses too! Thanks so much for linking up!

  9. LLR leggings are great and definitely addictive. I would love to hear about your journey and meal planning and snacks. 🙂 I find those things fascinating. I like knowing minute details of other bloggers' lives. Is that strange..? hehe I grew up listening to Garth Brooks. I can sometimes listen to very old country music, or '90's for nostalgia.. but in general it's just not my jam. hehe I hope that you had a blast! It sounded like it in your other post! 🙂 XO – Alexandra

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