Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

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Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

Review by Lauren

Source: Library copy; all opinions are my own

Official Summary: Two worlds are poised
on the brink of a vicious war. By way of a staggering deception, Karou
has taken control of the chimaera’s rebellion and is intent on steering
its course away from dead-end vengeance. The future rests on her.
When the brutal angel emperor brings his army
to the human world, Karou and Akiva are finally reunited–not in love,
but in tentative alliance against their common enemy. It is a twisted
version of their long-ago dream, and they begin to hope that it might
forge a way forward for their people. And, perhaps, for themselves.
But with even bigger threats on the horizon, are Karou and Akiva strong enough to stand among the gods and monsters?
Review: Dreams of Gods and Monsters is the
final book in Laini Taylor’s fantastical trilogy. When it comes to
series, people tend to feel a bit in-between on endings. There were
definitely things that I thought worked well, and others that felt a bit
too good to be true.
Let’s start with the latter – for a book that
seems to lead up to a fierce battle, things end a bit too quickly for me
and without that many casualties. I know, you’re probably thinking “you
want your favorite characters to die?” and the answer is yes and no. Do
I want it? No, of course not. But I think it’s realistic in books like
these. There is a war going on and not everyone will make it, but it
just seemed too easy for many of them. I won’t go on because I don’t
want to ruin the ending. Now, back to the things that worked well. I
love the history that Taylor reveals in this novel. There is a lot going
on that neither Karou nor Akiva were aware of, and it’s fascinating to
learn more and see how this affects their chances of a happy end, for
them and everyone else. I also really appreciated that not everything
was fixed in the end. War leaves aftereffects; things aren’t perfect
even if you win. This is clearly shown in Dreams of Gods and Monsters. For
the survivors, there is much still to do.
At the same time, because there is more to do in
this world, I wish we as readers had more to read. This is true in one
particular instance, because I feel like it warrants its own story.
Again, I’ll stop there so you aren’t spoiled too much. While I wish I
could see into the future of this world, I am happy to have reached the
end of this trilogy and honestly able to say that I truly loved it. It’s not
always perfect, but it’s imaginative, well-written, and full of amazing
characters, so definitely well worth reading.

20 responses to “Dreams of Gods and Monsters by Laini Taylor

  1. Oh this series has been on my TBR list for far too long. I need to change that soon. Anyhow I'm sad that there wasn't more to it, but glad you enjoyed it overall. Great review 🙂

  2. Like a lot of others, this series has been in my TBR pile for awhile as well and I can't wait to get to it. Maybe I finally can now that all the books are out. 😉

  3. I have the worst luck with Laini Taylor's books. Her writing style is gorgeous, but her stories rarely work for me, and that was the case with this one as well. I never made it past book one, although I own them all. Glad you enjoyed them, though.

  4. I agree this one wasn't all I hoped for. I liked so many things, but then I was left wondering about a lot of other things. It is definitely though I series that I love fiercely and will revisit.

  5. I really loved this one but I agree that there's more to be done with this world and if I remember correctly, I do this Taylor said she may return to it at some point. So glad you enjoyed this trilogy, though!

  6. To be honest, I think there have been only a handful of successful endings in a series that have fully satisfied my thirst. I feel terrible for the authors who have to write them! So many possibilities and outcomes to choose from! I've come to conclude however, that there will always be two sides: One that lives up to the hype and the one that is just a major let down; like, Mockingjay ha ha!

    I'm happy to hear that you enjoyed this one for the most part! 😀

  7. Loving the cover but I'm afraid this series doesn't otherwise appeal to me. That said my sister in law is part way through book one so I may well end up reading them after all.

  8. One day I'll really have to try this series because everyone is raving about it and I haven't tried it yet, how is it possible? I need to do that! great review!

  9. I definitely agree that there could be more to this story, especially with how it ended. Maybe a spin off? We shall have to see!

  10. I agree, I really wish we had more story – and I'm hopeful that she might pick up the series again in this world! Lovely review, glad you enjoyed the series!

  11. I had to skim a little Lauren because I haven't read book two yet, but from most of the reviews I've seen for this one all echo your sentiments exactly, there needs to be more, or the world revisited even. I recently reread book one and loved it even more the second time, so looking forward to being able to continue the series now that it's fresh in my mind. Glad you enjoyed this one overall though, completely agree with how imaginative the series is. It's really one of a kind. Wonderful review Lauren <3

  12. I still need to get to this book, I actually bought a copy on release day, but just haven't had time to read it, I'm glad that you ended up enjoying this one! Great review! 🙂

  13. I'm so bad! I loved the first book and have them all but I haven't read the last two yet. I even had dinner with Laini (and some others) not long ago and while it didn't come up, I still found myself feeling embarrassed. I just wish I could read faster!

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