Getting to Know (4): Leaving the Country

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Wow, I can’t believe it’s been another week already! I can’t say I’m not excited though  – it’s nice to have a mini break since I don’t work this weekend.

Getting to Know (4):  I have never been out of the county (United States) but I have a dream of visiting England. My sister said we’d go when I graduate from grad school (she’s been a couple times already – and to France and Canada) so we’re hoping to go sometime next year. Maybe I can even meet one of you lovely English bloggers in person! That would be fun.

What about you? Have you left your county, and if you have, where did you go? If not, where do you want to go?

21 responses to “Getting to Know (4): Leaving the Country

  1. I've left my country (Philippines) several times, most of them to go to Oman (middle eastern country) to visit and stay with my dad, who works there 11 months a year. It's a very beautiful and diverse place – I love their food (well, mostly the Turkish ones! They're so spicy and tasty, especially their grilled lambs. OMG, DROOOL!). I've also been to France for two months – a month of studying the language and visiting tourist sites and the 2nd month staying with my boyfriend who is a Frenchie) and to Germany but only for a day. Haha.

    Traveling is such a great pleasure! You get to meet different people and witness a different society and broaden your horizons. Plus, the food you can eat! Goodness, my palate has definitely improved since then 😉

    Faye at The Social Potato

  2. Le sigh…England is my dream destination, as well. I love London, the countryside…it's such a beautiful country. I also wouldn't mind paying a visit to Australia!


  3. I've been to Thunder Bay, Canada which is like a day drive from where I live. I was so young and all I remember was how incredibly dirty it was and that someone pooped in the tube slide and I was really angry about this. I think I was maybe 9. HAHA! But if I were to ever really travel internationally, I would be just like Karl Pilkington on An Idiot Abroad. I wouldn't fare well.

  4. I have been lucky because I love to travel and almost every year I travel somewhere international. It's easier when you have family in another country but I also like to explore new cultures. I really hope you have the opportunity to go to England next year, I'm sure it's an awesome country!

  5. I've only been to Candace (3 times) which, really doesn't count because, well, it just doesn't LOL!
    I so want to visit Europe as well. So many places to see but England is definitely high on my wishlist as well!

  6. I HAVE!! I've been to China! for a whole month! And technically Malaysia too, but it was like a 1 day layover so I'm not sure it counts or not?! hehe and I've been aaaall over Australia, so that's pretty exciting too. ^_^ I'd love to go to Paris one day. 🙂

  7. I have left my home country (Scotland) quite a few times, I have been to England and further afield I have been to Cyprus, Gran Canaria, Australia and have travelled six times to Orlando. We love it and even though we live miles away (it took 28 hours to Australia, it can take 9 hours to get to Orlando) we try and get away every other year. Currently planning Orlando 2016!

    I hope you get to England, it is a lovely country but Scotland is also worth a visit too!

    Heather | Random Redheaded Ramblings

  8. I love travelling! I live in Sri Lanka, and the first time I traveled is to Singapore, when I 10 years old. My dad works in a ship, and his ship was stationed there at that time, so I visited with my mum and stayed for a bout a week! It was so fun and fascinating!
    And then when I was 13 I went to India, and had a terrific time there. I have family there and I think I am going there again this November.So excited!
    And best of all, is when I went to Philippines, this year, all alone! It was the most amazing experience in my life! I really want to travel all alone again to some country!

  9. England sounds delightful. I have only managed to travel to Mexico and a few other states within the US. I'm not much of a traveller, I suffer from a serious case of aerophobia 🙁 That said, I would love to visit New Zealand one day – this is #1 on my bucket list 🙂

  10. I'd love to get off the continent one day! I've lived in Canada and the US, and I've visited Mexico (for one day… yay, Tijuana!) but that's it. Europe is a dream destination; there's a whole list of countries there that I'd like to visit!

  11. I miss leaving the country! I used to be able to from time to time, but my small humans and lack of money make it an impossible task 😉

    England is fabulous, I wish I'd been there for more than 3 days, but I loved it. Really, I loved everywhere I've been in Europe! Russia is not for the faint of heart though haha! And in Africa, I've been to Morocco, and it was gorgeous, but so very different of course.

    My bucket list includes Australia, Greece, South Africa, Seychelles, Brazil, Japan, China… fine, can I just say ALL the places? Travel is the BEST! I hope you get that trip to England soon!

    Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight

  12. Oh, you should come to England. We are awesome, and have a very pretty country (but PLEASE don't just go to London and say you've visited England. London is NOTHING like the rest of the country).
    Anyway, in answer to your questions, yes I have left the country. I think it helps that England is so close to other countries, so they're all just a plane ride away. This year I've been to Belgium and Tunisia; and I've also visited Spain, Menorca, Italy and France (my dad lives there, so I've been to France A LOT over the years).
    Good luck with your travels!
    Beth x

  13. The only other country I've been to is Mexico (we're going again this winter, yay!), but I'd love to got over seas one day! In particular, I really want to visit Greece, Italy, Spain, Egypt maybe… I don't know, lots of places!

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