Glossies Made Me Try Freshies On-The-Go Deodorant

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Welcome to the May 2018 Glossies Made Me Do It post, co-hosted with Ashley from Happy. Pretty. Sweet. This series takes place every first Friday of the month and you share something you found/learned about/loved in a recent magazine you’ve read. Pretty much anything goes, so we’d love to have you join in!

This month, Glossies Made Me try a new product – which I found in the Cheap Thrills section of Cosmopolitan magazine (May 2018 edition). That product would be the Freshies On-The-Go deodorant from Secret.

I picked up the Cool Waterlily scent from Walgreens, and it was about $5, which isn’t too bad of a price. One thing that I really love about the packaging is that it has a scratch and sniff that lets you check out the scent beforehand. I think the Cool Waterlily smells really nice and refreshing!

These on-the-go deodorants are such an ingenious idea. Sure, you could get a travel size to take with you, but this deodorant is essentially the size of an EOS lip balm and therefore really easy to take along with you. I’m in two dance classes and I recently joined a gym, so I knew this deodorant would be great to have for those occasions. Plus, the weather is going to start warming up soon, so it’s never a bad idea to have deodorant on hand.

Honestly, I think the deodorant works really well. It’s a great size, smells awesome, and it’s obviously a very practical item to always have on hand. I would certainly recommend, and I’m curious to see what other scents are out there!

Tell me: have you tried these deodorants yet? Will you?

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23 responses to “Glossies Made Me Try Freshies On-The-Go Deodorant

  1. RO

    Anything that Secret does, I love, and it’s pretty much the only deodorant I use. I’ve been curious about this new one, and thank you for the review. I definitely plan to grab a couple this weekend! Hugs…RO

  2. I love that these are so portable! Every now and then I want to refresh later in the day, especially if I go for a walk on my break or something at work. I should pick one of these up to keep in my drawer!

  3. I thought this was sos lip balm when I glanced at the pictures—wouldn’t want to make that mistake! These seem so super handy and seriously, you can’t overdo it with the deodorant in the summer, holy schvitzfest!!

    Have a great weekend 🙂

  4. I love that they give you an opportunity to scratch-and-sniff before you buy! That really helps with new fragrances that you’re unsure of.

    I’ve started kickboxing, so I like the idea of having a small deodorant that fits in my bag! It doesn’t look like it would take up too much space, while also being effective. Thanks for sharing this! It’s definitely something I’ll look into.

    Do You Dog-ear?

  5. Have never seen these little cuties. The water lily fragrance sounds very pleasant and not so heavy that it would compete with perfume. Will look for them and try them myself.
    I love this link-up but somehow didn’t get it into my agenda. Will look for a magazine tomorrow and try to join you in the next day or two.

  6. I’ve seen them and wondered if it’s any good. It looks very compact, but I wondered if it’s not too small to use on the pits lol

  7. Is that a roll on or a deodorant stick? I find roll on deodorant always leaves me feeling a bit sticky and wet, I think iter our climate here. I try to use natural deodorants these days, they’re so much kinder on the skin. Not sure they would fair too well after a gym.session though. Will be keeping an eye out for this one though <3 <3

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