Glossies Made Me: Adding To My Wish List

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It’s time for the August edition of Glossies Made Me Do It. Has a magazine inspired you in any way lately? Write a post (on your blog, social media, etc.) and link up with myself and Ashley!

Glossies Made Me Do It: Wish List Items

One of the things that I really love about reading magazines is all the products that I come across that I hadn’t heard of before. Unfortunately, I don’t always have the time or money to purchase these items and try them out for a Glossies post. Today, I decided to share a mix of products that I would love to try out – and will hopefully be able to in the near future! If I ever get my hands on these, I will definitely come back and do a review. For now, though, let’s see if any of these products will now be added to your wish list as well!

Real Simple Magazine: August 2019

CoverGirl TruNaked Queenship Shadow Sticks – $10 online

I’m all about makeup that’s quick and easy, and these eye shadow sticks look like both! Just swipe the color on and you’re good to go. Fun, right? Plus, they come in a variety of cool colors!

Burt’s Bees Hydrating Facial Stick with Aloe Water – $13 online

Face feeling dry? Just use this facial stick on your skin and voila, you’re hydrated and feeling good. I’d love to see how well this works because it sounds fantastic. Nice and cooling for these end of summer days.

Dress Weights (pack of 4) – $15 online

I love wearing skirts and dresses in the summer; they’re just so comfortable! However, I’m not a fan of always worrying about said garments flying up in the wind. Enter dress weights! I love this idea and I seriously think I need these ASAP. You stick them on your skirt or dress and they hold it down for you – plus, you can reuse them!

Family Circle Magazine: August 2019

Touchland Hand Sanitizer – $11.95 per sanitizer online

These travel size hand sanitizers are so cute! More than that though, they use essential oils, which are much better for your skin than the traditional alcohol-based sanitizers. These are sprays, not gels, and they are said to last a lot longer than the gel ones, so more bang for your buck!

And That’s a Wrap!

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23 responses to “Glossies Made Me: Adding To My Wish List

  1. Great post Lauren! These are all new to me items. I’ve used shadow sticks (not these particular ones,) and I love them because they’re easy and fast to put on, and convenient. I love the Burt’s Bees Brand and need a hydrating stick. My face is always dry, no matter how much face cream I apply. I’m going to definitely try it out! I love that they make hand sanitizers made out of essential oils, especially because they are good for you. Thanks for sharing these neat products!

  2. Magazine do always make me want to buy so many things!! I remember one time I saw the book ‘Stolen Away’ in a magazine and had to buy it haha!!
    The shadow sticks do sound really cool– I am all about make up that is quick and easy to apply too!!
    The Burts Bee’s hydrating stick sounds great– I love anything that says hydrating as it just sounds so refreshing!!
    Great post!!

  3. Those dress weights are kind of funny, but I could see how they’d be useful! Let me know if you try the hydrating stick, I’m curious to hear how it works. I use Evian spray mist when I’m out in the sun for a long time, but always looking for ways to keep cool! Happy weekend!

  4. I want to try those eyeshadow sticks! They look like they would be easy to use and kind of fun too. I’m all about the easy makeup!

  5. So many great things here! I’m so intrigued by the dress weights!! Had no idea those were a thing but I feel like I need them in my life: also the sanitizers made with essential oils. Regular alcohol ones always dry out my skin (it is so dry to begin with so that skin refresher looks amazing too!).

  6. Kim

    Those sanitizers are adorable. But I should probably use up the 7 or so I already have floating around before I go and buy more LOL . Im not an eye make up kinda girl. Well mascara yes, eyeliner if Im feeling fancy, but Im horrible at eyeshadow. With a capital H! Wonder if I could manage those shadow sticks?? Have an awesome weekend!

    Kim recently posted: What's Up, Weekend? 8•3•19
  7. Dress weights are genius!!! I always had the hardest time when I worked downtown and had to walk several blocks to my office in the rain trying to control my umbrella, bag and my dress!

  8. I absolutely love the shadow pencils, not only are they easy to apply but they go on so smoothy and you don’t end up with the smudgy little sprinkles of eyeshadow on your cheekbones that usually fall during application. I’m a big fan of the Maybelline ones. I typically wait until they’re on special and pick up new shades every now and then.

    Kelly recently posted: Lizard's Tale
  9. Jen

    Sorry for my delay in getting over here. School started last week and we got the stomach flu. Hooray…… Back to the land of the living now.

    Dress weights?! Hooray! I need those. I like am dumbfounded at how easy and awesome those are and now I am ordering them 🙂

  10. I think the dress weights are such an interesting product! I have never heard of anything like it before but it is such a good idea. I always get worried about my skirts or dresses flying up and… they inevitably do. I wonder if they work!

    Love the idea of a cute travel sized hand sanitiser. I really hate the gel ones as they always dry out my hands so I like the sound of a more natural product like this one!

    I hope you get to try these, Lauren!

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