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Hair Bands and Stadium Shows… My First Concert
By Melissa Walker, Author of Violet in Private

My older brother Johnny took me to my first big stadium concert when I was 11 years old. It was Poison’s Open Up and Say Ahhh… tour, and “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” was my ballad of choice when I thought about how sad I was that Scott Dzierlenga didn’t notice me in class. This was 6th grade—1989—and Brett Michaels was perhaps the hottest hair band member ever. Obviously, this was also pre-“Rock of Love.” Oh, Brett, what happened?

Anyway, here’s what I remember about the show: 1. The girls in front of me were screaming so loudly that I couldn’t hear the songs that well, 2. A total of four—four—pairs of panties ended up on stage, 3. My brother bought me a black t-shirt with neon-green lettering that is still in my drawer (it makes a great nightshirt).

It was a mixed experience. I learned that I like smaller venues when I want to see a band I love, but I also learned that stadium rock can really, well, ROCK. And did I listen to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” while writing the Violet books? Does Brett Michaels still have a crazy head of hair? Heck, yeah!

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19 responses to “Guest Blog: Melissa Walker

  1. Wow. In 1989 I was almost turning 2 in December and getting a little brother in November. So obviously I have no idea what music was like back then, but I know that smaller venues do rock when you want to see a band you love. Love the Violet books, Melissa!


  2. OMG. Funniest post ever. I guess I was a bit cooler than you in ’89…but I was also OLDER. I was more of a U2/REM/Sting/rockers-for-the-greater-good fan that year. (When I was eleven, though? I think it was Journey…Rick Springfield…the Go-Go’s…and, yes, the J. Geils Band.)

    Of course, I went on to work for Poison’s record label…and to LOVE their music for its retro butt-rockiness…and of course, to watch ROCK OF LOVE like nobody’s business. 🙂 xo

  3. Kelly

    I was not born yet. =P But I have been to concerts in stadiums and in smaller venues with an audience count of thirty. Both have pluses and minuses, in my opinion. But that must have been fun, Melissa!


  4. haha i love that picture, i love the 80’s music! i have been to many concerts in theatres, (so no wild things there but that is ok with me) mostly shows with musical theatre songs (like And the world goes round from Kander&Ebb) Every year there is this festival here at the last week of august, to start the new theatre season, (a sort of broadway on broadway, only here it is called Uitmarkt, wich means Go Out! market) a lots of free concerts and previews of the new shows, musicals and plays that will play in the official theatres. I am already looking forward to the last weekend of august!

  5. Anonymous

    haha great post!! i’ve never been to a concert but the one you went to sounded fun…and just a bit crazy :]

    Grace L

  6. My first concert was Sunday only of the Austin City Limits music festival. Definitely NOT a small venue! It was awesome, even though I got lost in South Austin trying to get back to the dorm. (Thanks to the super awesome bus driver who gave me a ride back after hours.)

  7. Haha, I love seeing rock stars now and then. Although I bet Bret was a man-slut back then too. 😛

    Enter me for the giveaway!

  8. Anonymous

    “Every rose hav its thorns” wow, dat is such an inspirational quote! I love it, it kinda give me a wakeup call dat u hav to becareful out there, you don’t trust ppl by the way they act or from the outside! It’s an awesome quote!


  9. oh man! I was turning 10 at that point but man did I love me some Poison!!! WHOOT WHOOT!!! Never got to see them in concert. I don’t think they toured the Philippines back then… AHAHAHA!!! I agree, I enjoy the smaller venues for the bands I love, but at the same time, nothing beats a huge rock concert!

  10. Love the pic, I was born in ’86 so I don’t remember much about the music, mostly just about kiddie shows and clothing back then. Me and my hubby are planning on going to a concert at the end of the summer, it’ll be both our firsts!

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