Interview: In All the Same Houses

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How many bands do you listen too classify themselves as Acoustic/Electronica? Well, I’ve got one for you. Nick Stackhouse lets us in on the music and history of this Pennsylvania band, that is waiting for you to get off the computer and go and see them live!
By: Lauren

1. Who is this and what do you do in the band?

My name is Nick Stackhouse. I am the co-singer in the band and the engineer I guess you could call it. That really just means I make the synth sounds played through my laptop.

2. You have a really unique band name. Who came up with it and does it mean anything in particular?

Me and the other singer/guitarist Andrew Taylor actually came up with the name. It really just came from a long list of names but we really had a paticular attachment to In All The Same Houses. Artists like Tupac and Bruce Springsteen always talk about where they came from and so our name is really a symbol of where we came from. Granite we only live in the normal suburbs but I think most people over look the difficulties of growing up in what appears to be an average life. So In All The Same Houses really categorizes suburbs as general and more of the conformity you face growing up in one.

3. Your myspace classifies your music as Acoustic/Electronica. Is that an accurate representation of your music?

I’d say It’s accurate now. We have reccently undergone some drastic changes to our music that will hopefully be up and running on our myspace soon in about a week or so. We started off with songs like “Keeping Him Down” which really just touched on our acoustic kind of Dashboard style of roots but with our newer music such as a song we should have up soon enough titled “In Cursive” it displays our more type of blend through electronics and acoustic.

4. Do you have an current releases that people can check out? Would you please give us some information on the e.p. and/or c.d.?

We do have an ep out called “Hip Highschool Heirarchy” which like I was saying really touches more on the acoustic sound we have. The ep really goes through the things a kid faces in high school but soon enough we’re going to have up new recordings of new songs which really go with the more overall sound that we’re looking for. We go to the studio actually tomorrow to record the song “In Cursive” which really just a beautiful flow of piano (played by Kevin Schiazza) and guitar on Andrew’s part with more electronic sounds playing through the background. Overtop of it all is going to be dualing vocals between Andrew and I where we mix in some harmonies and other appealing things.

5. What first appealed to you personally about music?

With music the thing that I personally enjoy is the stage presence. Recordings are fun and help get your name out there and all but nothing can take away from the stage of a good show. To have the whole crowd know the words to your songs and sing along is just a really uplifting feeling. It feels like eveyone knows exactly how you feel in your lyrics and just relates to you.

6. How did the band form?

The band formed when I first became friends with Andrew Taylor. I had been singing a few years before in some school shows and stuff like that and Andrew had always been playing guitar. One day we decided to meet up at a park near our houses and he brought along his guitar and just started playing and provoking me to sing. Before long we had a few songs written. Now at the point where we’re at, we both were friends with Kevin and could really recognize his talent with piano playing so we included that and later on we found out that Andrew had an amazing voice too that he had been hiding so we are trying to introduce both those things in our newer music.

7. Anything else you would like to add?

I’d just like to say thank you very much for the interview and I’d really just like to encourage people to come out to our shows and support us. Anyone who comes out to our shows with get a free copy of our newer songs which like I said will also be up on myspace in a week or so.

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