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Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio, Close to Home is a band that is sweeping the genres. They do what they love and don’t hold back. Josh answers questions about the band and the passing of former bassist, Brad Andress. This is one band that deserves any success that comes their way. Read on to find out why.

Lauren: Who is this and what do you do in the band?

Josh: Josh, guitar, sing, book, promote, drive, whatever.

Lauren:For the music genres on your myspace, you all like to change them to really random things. At the moment, it’s: Rock / Japanese Classic Music / Visual. Whose idea was it to start doing this? What have some of the genres been in the past?

Josh: It was my idea because I don’t like the word “genre” in reference to our music. I think music is an expression and art. To try to put a genre on it puts you into a box and to reach outside of it you get criticism. We believe we can make our music go any way we feel like at any time and do it well, that’s our goal as a band. To make the music we want to hear and we listen to so much you can’t put a name on the style we want to become.
I have also put on our page, Ghetto Tech, Regional Mexican, Classical Hawaiian and much more

Lauren:You all gave out your c.d. Picture Perfect for free to any fans that wanted it over AIM. Why did you decide to do this? What was the reception like from fans?

Josh: I gave away over 10,000 copies of the CD. I did it to show people we just want to be heard and show our fans we care, its not about dollars .

Lauren: The fan response with everything that was happening with Brad was truly amazing to see. What was that like from yours and the bands point of view? If there was one thing you wanted people to remember about Brad, what would it be?

Josh:The fans support kept us going, made us able to pick up the pieces and carry on stronger then ever before. We are nothing without the love and support of our fans and I truly mean that. One thing I would have people remember about Brad is his smile and the way he faced a challenge. I think his life and death reflects the dreams and ambitions of this band that we will stop at nothing.

Lauren: The memorial album was called Legends Live On. Is there a way for people to still get this album? What made you pick the bands that are featured on it?

Josh:The bands were all friends of his or had written songs that just hit the situation on the head. The CD can be purchased at

Lauren: To represent where you are from, what are the shows like in Cincinnati? Any other local bands you think people should pay attention too?

Josh: There are some local bands I love, sadly the scene in Cincinnati didn’t start out supportive for us at all. We faced a lot of criticism and hills to climb. We have made a huge name for ourselves at home and still have a hard time with certain people. Our shows at home now are great, we typically play in 1 of the larger venues at home and it’s always a great time. Our fans are amazing…our shows are more like 500-1000 friends then a concert.

Lauren: How did you all decide on the name Close To Home?

Josh: It was made up a long time ago when I was in High School. It originally came from a song by my favorite band at the time “The Get Up Kids” Over the years it grew into a deeper meaning for me. It is a way of saying how our lyric have real stories behind them, we try to write about real experiences and relate to people instead of saying a bunch of words because they sound cool how some bands do.

Lauren: What is one of the nicest and/or funniest things a fan has ever said to you or done for you?

Josh: Thats so hard to say I hear and see amazing things all the time. I’ve had fans bring me burritos from chipotle to shows. Our fans are absolutely amazing they are our source of support

Lauren: If you could have three wishes for the band, what would they be and why?

Josh: To be heard on greater levels, to make a huge impact on the world around us, and honestly just to continue with what we love always…making music and sharing it.

Lauren: What was one of the best shows you’ve ever played? What was one of the ones that did not go quite as well?

Josh: Taste of Chaos was my personal favorite show to play. 8,000 people screaming, singing, dancing, just going crazy. No feeling like that in the world. As far as worst I think every band has their stories there. I know I have a few, my personal worst was passing out on stage..I have some others I can’t share in interviews so ask haha

Lauren: At the end of the day, what do you want the band to be known for?

Josh: Being a positive impact, writing songs people can relate to.

And now for a fan question…

Taylor: If you could bring only one thing with you when you went on tour, what would it be?

Josh: An ipod. Recently I forgot to take my suitcase so I learned what it would be like to go on tour and have nothing.

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