Movie Review: The Last International Playboy

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The Last International Playboy Review

Written By: Lauren

Summary (taken from and it has who wrote it)-

Jack Frost’s playboy lifestyle in New York City is rocked by the news that his childhood love is engaged. Amidst his friendships with Scotch Evans, a ribald nightlife correspondent; Ozzy, a troubled but loving heroin addict; and Kate Hardwick, a bewitching, quick-witted reporter, Jack sinks deeper into depression. Haunted by lost-love and his mother’s suicide, Jack plunges into whiskey and self-destruction . . . until his eleven-year-old neighbor, Sophie, an unlikely mother figure, leads Jack back into himself, and out of the nostalgia and excess that consumed him. Written by


I really like the summary above as it does show you a lot of what this film is about. It starts off with a lot of naked girls prancing around an apartment, but soon switches to Jack seven years later in bed with just one girl. You might think that he really is just some playboy, but he’s far from that. Jack uses drinking and partying and women as a way of escaping his everyday life. He’s still upset and grieving over his mother who took her own life and wishes desperately to be his best friend’s boyfriend, but when that doesn’t work out, will he go the way of his late mother?
One of my favorite characters in this film is Sophie, the little girl who lives near Jack, because she’s wise beyond her years and yet she sees more to Jack than even his closest friends can see. She knows he’s worth saving and wants to help. One of her personal thoughts on him is that he’s “broken, not empty” and you’ll definitely see this. He cares about people. He takes care of Sophie when her parents are working all the time, he loves Ozzy in his own way and wants to get her help, he knows Scotch isn’t the greatest catch but he’s his friend, and in the end, he truly just wants Carolina to be happy.

I definitely would recommend this to those that like thoughtful indie films. Great characters, great acting. It’s well-worth a watch.

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