One Real Thing by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

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One Real Thing by Anah Crow and Dianne Fox

Review by: Lauren

Copy From: NetGalley

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Official Summary: Nick Addison has taken care of Hollister Welles since college. Though the responsible grad student and the uninhibited partier were total opposites, they had always shared an inexplicable bond. Nick knows he should stop saving the out-of-control Holly, but when Holly hits rock-bottom hard—and publicly—he can’t resist coming to his rescue one last time. Can’t resist the feeling of having Holly need him again.

 Bringing Holly back to New York City, Nick gives Holly the chance to face his demons and break his dangerous habits—while keeping Holly’s presence a secret from Nick’s wife. He doesn’t want to face Caroline’s hatred of Holly…or the reasons she might have to resent him.

Then the tables are turned. Just as Holly pulls himself together, Nick’s life falls apart. Now it’s up to Holly to bring Nick back from the brink—and to make Nick finally face the desires he’s long denied.

Review: Normally, this type of book would be reviewed over on Let’s Get Beyond Tolerance. However, I try and limit things on the site to something that fits the YA level. I know that level is pretty wide, and I probably will include things that not everybody will agree is YA. However, this book (in my opinion) is definitely higher than the YA rating. It isn’t for awhile though, which is what I really enjoyed about the book.

The story of Nick and Holly is interesting and you can really tell the bond that the boys have had, even when not speaking for a long time. This read like an actual book with a point and not just gratuitious scenes strung together. Basically, it’s not some pure erotica book…which I don’t personally enjoy. I requested this from NetGalley because it sounded unique and enjoyable, and I have to say, it pretty much was. While the relationship between the men was different from what you’d expect out of many relationships…it fit them, and the authors even explained the way their dynamics worked and why. I appreciated that aspect as I did have some questions.

As I said, I don’t like books that are just straight-up erotica. If you know me, I review novels for Romantic Times and that was the only genre I said I didn’t do…so I do read various types of romance, and I enjoy them. This is a book that I could see being in RT. While there are sexual scenes, they had a point, and they didn’t really crop up until the last part of the book. In the beginning, it really was about their emotional relationship and trying to get Holly back on track…until Nick suddenly needs help.

I liked the overall message that nobody is “superman” if you will, and you can’t get by in life on your own. Be open and honest, and accept help when it’s offered and needed.

Overall, it was a pretty good book. Not bad for my first NetGalley pick.

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  1. You're right, this one does sound interesting! I usually don't read much m/m mainstream, but the review I was promoting may have changed my ways. Though I enjoy erotica, it gets difficult to trudge through after TOO much. I wish One Real Thing was in print!!


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