GLBT: Luna by Julie Anne Peters

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Luna by Julie Anne PetersReview by: Lauren Regan is desperate for her own life: a good family, a circle of friends, and perhaps even a boyfriend. She wants to feel like her life is normal, except she has to deal with something that she can’t tell anybody about. Her brother, Liam, is transgender. He lives […]

Mark it Up May: Laura Wiess

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That’s right! THREE MARK IT UP MAY CONTESTS GOING ON AT ONCE! And you have a chance to win one of two that’s 4 tries at winning a book! Sounds good, right? Ends: May 27 (A Tuesday, I believe…let me know if that’s wrong) What to do? Promote the books! Post about it somewhere. […]

Mark it Up May: Melissa Walker

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Our first Mark It Up May contest made people tell at least one author about the idea…you all did an awesome job…and the Melissa Walker was even interested in being a part of this fun month, so enter here for your chance to win a MARKED UP COPY of her book Violet on the Runway. […]

Interview: Thomas Fahy

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Thomas Fahywww.thomasfahy.comInterview by: Thomas Fahy has been writing for awhile, but has just recently released his first YA novel, The Unspoken. We talked to Tom about YA writing and more! 1. The Unspoken is your first YA novel. Did you always plan on it being for that age group? If so, what made you […]

Review: Suitte Scarlett

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Suitte ScarlettBy: Maureen by: Lauren Suitte Scarlett is the latest novel from author Maureen Johnson. Scarlett just turned fifteen, but instead of being awarded a fantastic vacation away from home (like all her other friends) she is given a suite in the hotel she lives in to take care of…like every other Martin in […]

Mark it Up May: Tantalize

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Our next contest is for the book Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith. Again, the book is marked with little comments from Cynthia as you read along. Along with this book, you get a Sanquini’s t-shirt (Sanquini’s is a restaurant in the book), along with a couple other goodies. Since this prize is a bit bigger […]


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The winners for the first marked up books are: Back Talk was won by Award The Secret Life of a Teenage Siren was won by Bunny B. Please email your information to me by Saturday at Midnight Eastern Time and I’ll get the books out as soon as I may take bit, but you […]

Other Contests

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I’ll try and post more as time goes on, but for now…here is a list of some other contests that are NO WAY related to case you haven’t already heard of them. Book Lover Reviews Contest.Suggest a book on the list for a library and suggest a book for yourself to win! That’s it!Go […]

Librarians/Book-Related Jobs?

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Hey Everyone! Chelsea (The Page Flipper, Kristi (The Story Siren) and I have decided to use some of the reviews/interviews/etc we have for our blogs and put various issues together for, hopefully, each month and allow people to print off the issue…essentially forming a ‘magazine’ for anything and everything book related (YA and Adult). What […]

Book Review: Wicked Game

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Wicked GameBy: Jeri Smith-ReadyReview by: Lauren Ciara Griffin can never escape her past, as much as she might wish she could. Her parents are in jail and she’s finally trying to try something different for a career, interviewing to be an intern at a radio station, WVMP. Once hired, she is let in on the […]