Review: Pilot Episode for New USA Show: Royal Pains

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Royal Pains Review: Pilot Episode
By: Lauren

Premiere: Thursday, June 4 at 10/9c on USA

My Thoughts:
Royal Pains is the latest addition to USA’s lineup (Psych, Monk, Burn Notice) and after viewing the pilot episode, I have to admit…I’m a fan. Honestly, the show really is that good with fun, multi-dimensional characters. When you first begin watching, you’ll be reminded of a lot of medical dramas that are on television these days, especially House where it’s a normal scene and then someone is down needing medical help. However, it soon switches into something like a romance film…everything is great and life is good…but we all know that can’t last for long.

Unlike Dr. House, Dr. Hank Lawson is fired for making a decision that caused a billionaire to die. His relationship is ending and the lack of career causes him to slowly spin into a month-long depression. That is until hilarious Evan Lawson shows up, accountant and brother extraordinaire. Hank had been refusing all month long to go on a trip to the Hamptons with his brother but finally relents and that’s where the true story begins.

Hanks finds himself among the rich and famous, saving more than one life with his skills…causing word to spread about a new doctor. Divya shows up, ready and willing to be Hank’s PA (physician’s assistant) and Evan is more than happy to live the life of luxury, but what will really make Hank stay? It could just be love…


One of my favorite things about shows are the witty quotes that you find stuck in your head and repeat for days on end. Royal Pains definitely has its fair share of those, especially between Hank and Evan, the two brothers.

Scene- Evan shows up to get Hank to go on the trip with him.

“Are you texting while I’m talking to you?”-Hank
“I can do both.”-Evan

Scene- The brothers arrive at their hotel, aptly called Hampt Inn.

“Fit for a king, huh?”-Hank
“I didn’t say which country”-Evan

Finally, I always like when a show or movie will say something at the beginning and repeat it in some fashion at the end, or a later date, to truly make a point. I just think it’s good writing honestly and I wanted to share with you how Royal Pains does this.

Scene 1: Nikki, Hank’s fiance, is mad at him for not going out and finding a new job so she can worry more about their wedding than lawsuits.

“Since the day I met you, Hank, you’ve never been able to accept the things you can’t change”-Nikki

Scene 2: At the end of the episode, Hank is in the Hamptons and has met another lovely lady, Jill…a fellow doctor.

“We need to change the things we can’t accept”-Jill


In conclusion, I must mention the episodes’ music choices. I honestly loved them: a mix of old and new. A couple artists you can hear are the Ting Tings and Rooney.
Preview for “Royal Pains”

9 responses to “Review: Pilot Episode for New USA Show: Royal Pains

  1. Ok, I just added it on my calendar to watch on Friday (’cause I watch everything online the next day) and I’m excited for it!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it :O)

  2. I Heart Monster: You’re welcome, I’m so glad you’re excited. I am too, b/c it seems like it’ll be a great new show and I need some more of those…epsecially this summer. I’d love to know what you think when you do watch it.

    Ladybug: Thanks, checking now!


  3. Anonymous

    “Since the day I met you, Hank, you’ve never been able to accept the things you can’t change. THAT'S why we called it off.”-Nikki

    Can someone explain what she is referring to that he can't change?

  4. Anonymous: I think in this instance, she means that he can't change being fired from the hospital, and yet, he won't accept this…he sits around the house moping and won't go out and apply for a new job since all the hospitals have black listed him. 🙂

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