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Royal Pains Premiere Review by Lauren

One of my favorite shows on the USA Network is Royal Pains, so I was really happy that instead of waiting until the summer (again) for more of this show, it has already come back. This past Thursday, Royal Pains premiered again with Hank working to save his dad’s life after he has a heart attack. If you watch the show…you’ll know that Hank and Evan’s father, Eddie R. Lawson, is involved in some shady business and was made to spy on Boris (the keeper of the house). Now Eddie is recovering and Hank wants to keep him healthy, but Evan wants answers…and Boris is giving him a job to get his dad away. What’s up with all this? Well, you just have to watch the show!!

Maybe I’m a bit biased…as I said, I do love this show. It’s a lot of fun and it’s interesting and humorous, and the family dynamics between the Lawson boys are heating up so that’s fascinating to watch. This premiere episode wasn’t anything too big…just the start of some more questions. It certainly makes you want to keep watching, which I definitely will!

Question is…are you?

Fairly Legal Premiere Review by Lauren

Right after Royal Pains this past Thursday, the series premiere of Fairly Legal aired. As this is a new show, I can only tell you what I think based on the first episode. This is the story of Kate. Her father has just passed away, her step-mother is trying to run the family business, Kate is no longer a lawyer but she does mediate for the court…which means she tries to figure out a solution when two parties are fighting, her ex-husband is a pain in her side yet genuinely cares about her it seems, her brother is a stay at home daddy, and finally, there is her best friend who will do almost anything for her.

I think Kate’s job is really interesting and you even see her putting it to the test in “real life” when it’s not ordered by a judge…actually, it’s during a robbery. Yeah, pretty interesting. This show has just started but I’m already invested in the characters and I want Kate to succeed and I enjoy watching her run around trying to get the job done, while also making sure that justice really does prevail.

Though not a regular star on the show (I don’t believe), Kate’s brother is played by Ethan Embry. If you don’t know him, he’s an actor that can be seen in movies such as Can’t Hardly Wait. He doesn’t play a huge part on the show, but it was still really fun to see him…and he’s definitely a rational sounding post for Kate it seems.

Overall, Fairly Legal is a fun show. I’m hooked after the first episode and can’t wait to see where the series goes.

I think you’ll like Kate too. Give her a shot.

8 responses to “Royal Pains + Fairly Legal Reviews

  1. I can't believe someone else is excited about seeing Ethan Embry! At first I couldn't remember his name, just that I'd seen him somewhere else but I heart EE. Fairly Legal looks promising to me.

    Did you catch White Collar this week though? I thought Burke's Seven was fantastic and WC is quickly cementing its place as my second-favorite USA show (after Burn Notice)

  2. I enjoyed both shows, loved the end of Fairly Legal when Kate was chatting with her dad, so good. I'm a fan of USA's shows, BN and WC are favorites as well. Was really bad and caught most of the marathon of Royal Pains on Thursday (we were sort of snowed in), excellent recap to start the second part of their season!

    Dottie 🙂

  3. Bookworm: Ah, yes, Ethan is great!! And I haven't watched White Collar as much as I'd wanted to in the beginning. I got behind and it's hard to catch up sometimes!!

    Dottie: That's great you got caught up a bit on Royal Pains. I do love that show!! Psych is my favorite USA show for sure though.

    Kaye: Yay, I'm glad it's starting out well for you.

    Cafe: Definitely!!


  4. Thanks so much for stopping by! Great review here, I hadn't even heard of this show, but I really enjoyed Sarah Shahi when she was on "The L Word" so I will definitely be checking this one out!

    My WoW

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