#SaveProdigalSon: What You Can Do As a Fan (or Potential Fan)

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Who here is a fan of the show Prodigal Son? If you never watched it, let me give a brief explanation: Malcolm Bright is a consultant with the NYPD, after working with the FBI as a profiler. He’s very good at getting into the minds of killers and figuring out why they do these crazy things. One reason that might be? He’s the son of the infamous serial killer, Martin Whitly, aka The Surgeon. Bright is well, a genius in a way, but he has unorthodox methods and a lot of trauma from having a serial killer father…and also being the one who called the cops on his dad when he was a child.

The show has aired for two season on Fox and it was recently announced that it has been cancelled. All of us Prodigies (aka Prodigal Son fans) are not okay with this and we are desperate for a streaming service like Hulu or Netflix to pick it up for a third season, at least. Either service would work for me but I think the show would do especially well on Netflix. They just need to get the first two seasons up so people can binge watch them and become invested. I really believe more people would love Prodigal Son, but I don’t think it got enough promotion.

I mean, seriously, The Surgeon is played by MICHAEL SHEEN! Yeah, the British movie star, Michael Sheen. He’s so creepy good and just amazing in this role. As for Bright, he’s played by Tom Payne (from The Walking Dead) and again — made for this role! The two of them are just brilliant.

Whether you’ve watched and enjoyed the show already, or haven’t yet but think you would enjoy it, please help the Prodigies campaign for another season!

There’s a great website called Save Prodigal Son with a lot of ways that you can help spread the word and petition places like Netflix to pick up the show.

There’s even an online petition of people who want more of Prodigal Son. As I write this, it has over 34k signatures. Care to join? I already signed my name!

I created the above image when I reviewed the Jasper Dent trilogy, starting with I Hunt Killers by Barry Lyga. But it can be said in reverse – if you loved the Jasper Dent trilogy, then you must watch Prodigal Son – and help us bring it back for another season!!

12 responses to “#SaveProdigalSon: What You Can Do As a Fan (or Potential Fan)

  1. I signed! I haven’t watched it, but I know how devastating it can be when they cancel a favorite show (especially on a cliffhanger). I know Fox is so bad with this- I was beyond sad when they canceled The Passage- it was amazing, and they’d set it up for a Season 2, on a huge cliffhanger. Jerks. I really hope it’s able to find a new home for you and the other fans!

    Shannon @ It Starts at Midnight recently posted: May 2021 Wrap-Up Round-Up
  2. I’ve heard good things about this show! And I hate when they cancel shows like this! It does sound like it would be a great fit for Netflix- I hope it gets picked up!!

  3. I am so angry that they ended this show like they did. Why can’t they at least make a satisfying conclusion!? And it was so good! I loved the father-son relationship. And I just can’t. I hope someone picks it up ):

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