Seven Degrees of Valentine’s Day: Movie Review

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Valentine’s Day Movie Review

Written by: Lauren

By no means is Valentine’s Day an amazing film. It is, however, a fun film to see for a girl’s night out or such. I saw it yesterday with my mom, sister, and sister-in-law and for the most part, we all enjoyed it. My mom and I seemed to like it a lot more than the rest because it did drag on a bit and you actually felt the length of the film. However, it was cute for the most part with plenty of humor to keep your attention.

One of the things that will definitely get viewers into the theater is the huge list of notable actors and actresses from George Lopez to Julia Roberts to Ashton Kutcher to Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner. If the movie hadn’t had such big names, it might not have been as interesting as a film overall, and I believe it would have dragged on a lot more than it had.

I loved that this film dealt with the happy and annoyed thoughts concerning this festive day. It’s not always a happily-ever-after for people either, and you see that with some of these characters, but for others, it can be. I also enjoyed that Valentine’s Day is celebrated by kids, teens, adults, and seniors…just like in real life. You really get a range of ages and a variety of ways that one can be “in love.”

My final thoughts…this is a cute film. It’s happy, sad, funny, and true. It’s full of actors that you love and ones that you are sure to love after this. I call it the American version of Love Actually, so if you liked that film, you’re sure to like this.

Seven Degrees of Valentine’s Day-

This film is packed full of stars and I found it amusing how many of them are connected in other ways as well.

Patrick Dempsey and Eric Dane are co-stars on Grey’s Anatomy

Julie Roberts is Emma Roberts aunt

Ashton Kutcher and Topher Grace co-starred on That 70’s Show

And there are apparently a few actors from the Princess Diaries from Anne Hathaway to Hector Elizondo. I know of one other for sure that is from the film, but in all, my sister believes there to be four. Then again, Garry Marshall did direct both films. So can you find them all??

4 responses to “Seven Degrees of Valentine’s Day: Movie Review

  1. The movie was so much fun to watch! It definitely is a girly film…I watched it with my aunties and mom : )

    And this movie did have so many degrees of separation

  2. I'm such a nerd, lol. I went to the IMDB page for this movie and counted all the people in PD. There were 4 from the first, and a few very minor/background characters from the second (except for the two brother Parliament guys), who were played by people related to Garry Marshall. He loves putting his family in films, lol.

    I really wanna see this! It sounds really good. Great review!

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