Since You Liked the Last Mugs (plus mugs for the U.K.)

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Since a lot of you seemed to really like the couple mugs in my Wedding Gift Guide post, I thought I’d share some more (couple or otherwise) – as well as some mugs for the U.K. readers!

The website Bold Loft has some other adorable couple mugs! The above set is titled Say I Love You. It’s it cute? The other mugs all have similar illustrations, with various designs that connect the two mugs. And for those that were upset the woman’s cup was smaller in my previous guide, you’ll be happy to see these are both equal!

The above mug isn’t double, but you can get a personalized drawing of the couple on one mug and that’s pretty adorable if you ask me! The etsy shop, Draw Me Closer, also offers mugs for one person, so you could get one of each person or simply one for yourself!

Not all of you are getting married, or know someone who is, so I thought it would be fun to share a mug I think most of us could enjoy for ourselves! This Reading is My Super Power mug comes from the etsy shop Lenny Mud. This shop has a lot of other fun items too, mugs and otherwise, so be sure to browse.

And finally, we have the Funky Mug Shop, where those of you in the U.K. can find some fun mugs!

If you’re looking for couple mugs, then you can always go for the His Royal Highness/Her Majesty mugs. They even allow you to put names at the bottom, so it’s personalized!

Obviously, there are a lot more options on the site, so enjoy! I hope those in the U.K. will find something they enjoy.

15 responses to “Since You Liked the Last Mugs (plus mugs for the U.K.)

  1. Aww this is such a cute post! I actually live in the UK and wasn't even aware that these mugs were available. I definitely like the two connecting mugs and reading is my super power mug, thanks for sharing this great post with us!

  2. No, I still prefer those american mugs and in particular love the first mugs you featured. Our 27th wedding anniversary next week perhaps we'll treat ourselves even if its a sculpture we should be buying.

  3. Ahh, Etsy. I love it, but it ain't good for my bank balance! But yes, these are super cute. I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, but I would totally buy these as gifts for someone else.

  4. I'm really particular about my coffee mugs. The shape and size is very important to me because if they're too big or made of the wrong material, the coffee gets cold way too fast. The best mugs are actually smaller than these models here and made out of china. Not tea-cup-thin china, but a little heavier. I like my tea in regular tea cups but not too thin.

    I like the first set of mugs you have displayed, so very cute. Reminds me of the cover for Eleanor & Park, but I think the mugs are too big.

    I know, I sound like a nut! 🙂

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