Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman

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Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman

Review by Lauren

source: copy from publisher; all opinions are my own 

Official SummaryAnna’s always idolized her older sister, Storm. So when Storm dies in a tragic car accident on the night of her high school graduation, Anna is completely lost and her family is torn apart. That is, until she finds Storm’s summer bucket list and decides to honor her sister by having the best summer ever—which includes taking an epic road trip to the coast from her sleepy Iowa town. Setting out to do everything on Storm’s list along with her sisters best friend Cameron—the boy next door—who knew that Storm’s dream summer would eventually lead to Anna’s own self-discovery?

Review: I’m really glad to have been given the chance to read and review Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman. The idea of a character doing someone else’s bucket list isn’t a new concept. Granted, I haven’t really read that many books with it – apart from the summaries – so it didn’t feel outdated to me. Even if you are someone whose read this concept before, I’d still say give Someone Else’s Summer a chance. It’s obviously more than the list that Anna is determined to complete; the summer bucket list of sorts that her older sister Storm had written.

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These summer lists are not new to Anna. Storm used to write them all the time when they were younger, but it’s been years since Anna has seen one. She’s older now, with her own friends to keep her company instead of just Storm and Cameron, the boy next door. There are definitely aspects of this story that were predictable, though I think this is pretty normal for a YA contemporary novel that has a romance included. However, I still found myself surprised by some things and eager to keep reading and seeing where this summer led Anna.

Someone Else’s Summer can certainly be an emotional read – and I wasn’t always in agreement with the things that Anna did – but I knew that I loved the heart of this story. I loved the idea of completing a lost sister’s summer list, of looking back on old memories and creating new ones, of coming to understand one’s friends and family better. I loved seeing Anna and Cameron go through Storm’s list and how they made some of them happen like get a tattoo and sleep in the dorm room of the college Storm was supposed to attend in the fall.

Finally, can I just say that I love the cover? It’s perfectly suited to the novel, but I also like that it looks like a polaroid shot – Storm always took pictures with her polaroid camera and wrote captions across the image – so Anna and Cameron do this for all of the items on the summer bucket list. It wasn’t until I edited the photo to create a polaroid border with the caption – “Be Brave” (something that makes sense when you read the book) – that I realized the cover already looks like a polaroid. Ah well, I still like how my edited version turned out! Feel free to share!

16 responses to “Someone Else’s Summer by Rachel Bateman

  1. Sam

    I agree with everything you said. I read this back in October, and was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. These grief stories always get me in the feels, I also loved that as Anna made this journey for Storm, it ended up being a journey of self discovery and change for herself.
    Sam @ WLABB

  2. This book sounds so good! I am kind of drawn to tragic stories for some reason. I love the photo on the cover as well, I never judge a book by it’s cover, but I think I would pick this one up based on it’s cover alone!

  3. Jen

    I like your edited picture version too! This sounds like an intense but good read, I am glad you liked it overall.

  4. What an interesting concept. It is one thing to complete your own, but to do another’s that is a cool idea. I will have to look for this one.

  5. Wow! This book sounds amazing! I actually haven’t ever read a book about someone’s bucket list so it sounds totally new to me! It’s going on my reading list for sure!

  6. That sounds very good. I love the idea of it, too. And awesome the cover matches. That always makes me happy.

    It would actually be kind of a fun experiment do match up with someone you know online (or in person) and give them a ‘things to do’ list for the week or month.

  7. This sounds like a great book. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with book’s that bring out all your emotions, but I think I could find a real connection with this story. I love the idea of her honouring her sister’s memory by completing the list.

  8. I’ve heard of the premise of doing someone else’s bucket list too, but I’ve never actually read one yet and I really like the sound of this book! I love the cover of that book too (+ the edit you made)!

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