Keep It Together: 2020 Spring Bucket List Update

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Welcome to Keep It Together, a monthly planning and memory keeping blog hop that I co-host with Alexandria and Rebecca Jo!

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Spring 2020 Bucket List Update

This update actually fell on Keep It Together day, so it was meant to be! I’m linking up with Leslie from Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After, who gathers bloggers together to create these fun seasonal bucket lists. Times are definitely crazy, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find things to look forward to!

I shared my 2020 Spring Bucket List back in March. I skipped an April update, because I didn’t have too much to add. However, I figured I would finally update you on my Spring progress. I know Memorial Day is this weekend, and that often signals Summer for most, so I’m excited to start thinking of my Summer Bucket List too!

Let’s See How I’m Doing!

Get Outside – Yes, I’ve been getting outside as much as I can. I was doing well with taking walks throughout the week until I got sick. However, I’m still trying to hang out on my front porch when weather permits. It’s a great place for reading!

Work On My London Scrapbook – Yeah, no. I have not begun this. I am trying to be crafty though, so I’ll get there!

Plan My 30th Birthday Trip– My plan before Covid was to go to Gatlinburg with my mom and sister sometime in the Fall. I don’t know if that will happen or not, but I am thinking of where I’d want to stay and what I’d want to do when we do go, so I’m giving this a yes!

Have a Movie Musical Night – I spent a night watching Psych the Musical with my parents, so I’m counting this as a yes! I do want to watch more movie musicals though.

Blog Ahead – This has been hit or miss, so I’m giving this a half-yes. I’m trying to blog ahead as much as I can, but I’ve been sick all of May so I’m not always on top of things.

Keep Up with the Read the Alphabet Challenge – Yes! I’m actually doing really well with this challenge, and that makes me happy. May’s letters are I and J and so far I’ve read a book for each letter – reviews to come!

Get a Mint Shake– This was more of a St. Patrick’s Day thing, so once March passed, I kind of missed my shot. I have gotten other ice cream to go, so I’m counting it as half a win!

Finish iZombie – Almost there! We are finally on the fifth and final season. I do love this show! And in case you want to watch, it’s on Netflix.

Total: About five…if I count the two half-yes answers as 1. That’s 5 out of 8, so not too shabby!!

Like I said before, Covid has definitely messed up a lot of plans, but I still think it’s fun to make bucket lists and do what I can to make the season more enjoyable. I’ll be sharing my Summer Bucket List next month, so get to thinking if you want to join in! I know I need to figure out what I can add to mine!

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31 responses to “Keep It Together: 2020 Spring Bucket List Update

  1. I never made a spring list, and kind of glad I didn’t. But now I have no idea what would go on my summer list either! Are you still sick now? Get well soon!

  2. Jen

    I hope you are feeling better! Pleurisy is no joke miserable. My son had pneumonia in April and it was scary!

    I hope more ice cream is in order for these coming months 🙂

  3. Sorry you have been sick – I hope you feel better soon.
    I’ve also got some scrapbooking on my to-do list this month. Planning birthdays is always fun – glad you were able to tick that on your list 🙂

  4. I think you are doing a great job, especially considering the COVID-19 curveball!

    My London trip was a year ago, so my phone has been reminding me daily of all the scrapbooking I’ve neglected!

    Ethan recently posted: Sea Wife by Amity Gaige
  5. I think Covid messed up a lot of plans! Glad to hear you were able to at least check out some of the things on your list. I need to check out iZombie.

  6. We were going to go to Disney for our 25th anniversary in teh fall – but yeah, that’s out – so we were talking about going to Gatlingburg too – maybe ??? lol – if we’re there the same time, we’ll have to meet up 🙂

  7. Covid has pretty much sunk every plan I had this year… RARE 2020 in Edinburgh is now moved to July 2021. Seeing the musical Six in July is now seeing the musical Six in August 2021. Glamping with friends in June? Cancelled. Taking my son to Crete in August? Cancelled.
    There are lots of other examples too so I’ve given up on planning anything and have decided to fly by the seat of my pants on all things this year. It makes it easier to roll with all the restrictions and uncertainty.

    You did well to reach five of your goals! Good luck with the rest!

    • shooting

      I’m sorry so much was cancelled for you as well this year. I would love to see the musical Six sometime – booo on the longer wait, but I hope it’s worth it!

  8. I hope you are feeling better, Lauren. I’m extremely impressed with all you have accomplished, considering you’ve been feeling under the weather…and of course, COVID-19. Fingers crossed you get to go on your trip this fall! Enjoy the rest of your spring!

  9. I’d say you’re on a roll with more than half knocked off your list. My bucket list for the next month is to get my gardens in shape then get my stair railing painted. I am hoping this warm weather we’ve been having will motivate me to get both of those crossed off the list this month.

  10. Mmm, now I want some ice cream. I really hope you can go on your trip in the fall, because I paid $5000 for my trip in the fall, and every other thing I had planned for this year has been canceled.

  11. I’ve heard Gatlinburg is really fun. Hope you get a chance to get there. And ooh a mint shake haha! that sounds good right now! Sometimes it’s the little things… 🙂

  12. You can always find a mint shake to make at home on Pinterest! I’m looking forward to the musical Hamilton airing next month, so much so that I added it to my planner so I wouldn’t forget haha! I’ve been trying to blog ahead a bit too, but also hit or miss. Some days I’m just not feeling it! I hope you get to go on your trip, and hope you’re feeling better!

  13. Sounds like you’re doing well overall with these goals. That’s nice that you’re trying to get outside. And I hope you can still do something for for your 30th birthday. I am sorry to hear you’ve been sick. I hope you’re feeling better!

  14. So glad you are working on your spring bucket list. I cannot wait for you to get started on the London scrapbooking. Maybe you could just set out a layout in your craft space and then start putting the pages together. It helps me to just get the pictures laid out!! And you have had me waiting to see these pages for some time. Just start with one!!
    Hope you can continue to make plans for your fall Gatlinburg trip. I haven’t been up there in years but would love to go. It is beautiful as the trees change color. So much to see and do!!
    I had hoped to blog ahead and then I completely stopped blogging all together. Hope to get back at it but want to get posts done ahead so I am not scrambling when life starts getting crazy(ier).

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