The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

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The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

Review by Lauren

Source: netgalley, but all opinions are my own

Official Summary: The Isobel Journal is no ordinary snapshot of a contemporary teenage
life. A charming and vivid narrative scrapbook of the eighteen-year-old
author’s sketches, mini-graphic novels, photographs and captions, it
captures her wit, her observations and her creative talent as she takes
us through the three central themes in her life: ‘Love’, ‘Friends, Art
and Otters’ and ‘Me’.

Review: The Isobel Journal was something I read online, but I would have rather seen in person. Each section focuses on different aspects of Isobel’s life. These are full of mainly little stories about her life, or personal thoughts she has about certain subjects. I found the illustrations to be cute and a bit whimsical, and I definitely related to certain things that Isobel wrote about.

This is definitely not a suitable book for everyone, because it doesn’t really read like a narrative story. There isn’t a cohesive story that runs from beginning to end. Instead, it really does feel like opening up someone’s journal/sketchbook and taking a peek. This is my main reason for wanting the book in print, because I think it would be more enjoyable that way. As an e-book, it tends to go a bit too fast and it’s harder to truly capture the images.

As far as I can tell, the book is based on the author’s life. I assume this mainly because the name’s are the same, and since it reads so much like an actual journal, it would make sense.

I did want to share a couple images from the book that I found online, though, because they are ones that I found I could relate too in various ways:

I really like 90’s groups in general. I grew up on that music!
Some days, I tell you…haha

In all, this was a cute book and I could see younger teens enjoying it, especially if they journal or sketch themselves.

22 responses to “The Isobel Journal by Isobel Harrop

  1. I agree that it's not for everyone, but glad like you liked it. 😀 I would have loved a physical copy, too. I think I may even buy one, because it really is a cute graphic novel. 🙂 Lovely review!

  2. I do think I'd like this, but I'll wait for a physical copy. I love to read these kinds of things during readathons! Love the images you shared- especially her love of 90's girls group (although I love without irony).

  3. Pulled in half by the thought of this one as there are so many things about it that appeal to me and yet at the same time there are an equal amount I'm not sure I'd enjoy.

  4. I think I would enjoy this one in the physical format. I journal/sketch in a sketch book and think it would be neat to look through someone else's. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I don't know that I would enjoy this, but I can see how this would be good for a lot of teens. It might be inspirational for them to write their own journal as well.

  6. I actually like how this sounds. I mean not a coherent book but just bits of something. I don't know would it bother me, but still sounds interesting. Great review, Lauren 🙂

  7. This book does sound really different to a lot of the books that I've seen around. I'm glad that you were able to it, and thank you for putting it on my radar, I may give it a go one day! 🙂

  8. Definitely looks cute! I could see this being a good coffee table type book that you might flip through from time to time, not so much a story you read in one go if it has no story narrative.

  9. This sounds like a really interesting concept. I'm not sure whether having it on-line will make it more, or less appealing but it'll be interesting to see how much interest it generates.

  10. Huh… this actually looks a little depressing to me?? Was it sad? I have found some of the ebooks I read are also really more for physical books. I review a book in a few weeks (its an ARC so I had to wait) and that book would've been much better as a physical book.

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