Let’s Discuss: Upcoming Books I Want to Read

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I love checking out lists of books that people want to read. It always gives me so many ideas and more titles to add to my wish list. Therefore, I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve come across in the past few months that have made it on to my to-read list. Now if only I had a copy of them all…

Four high school seniors kill a kid and bury him. All is well until a meme is released, a screenshot from their confession. The confession they buried with the body. Dun dun DUNNN. This has such an interesting premise. Granted, if you’re going to kill a kid, why would you record yourself confessing, even if you do bury it way down deep in a grave? I mean, Killing 101, right? Anywayyyy…I am definitely curious about this one, and I cannot wait to read it and learn more.

How It All Blew Up sounds so so good. I love that it’s an LGBT+ novel. I love that the main character comes from a Muslim family. This really sounds like one of those books that is going to tug on my heartstrings, and I AM HERE FOR IT!!

Umm…a game of Hide and Seek where you end up in a world of nightmares? How creepy good does Hide and Seeker sound? Also, how wonderful is this cover? I love the creepy figure behind the title. *shivers* Can you believe there was a time where I really didn’t read mysteries and thrillers because they freaked me out so much? Yeah, I’m glad those days are behind me…

I really can’t put Hench’s summary into words. It’s so weird, and inventive, and it sounds amazing. Here is just a snippet from the official summary:  Anna does boring things for terrible people because even criminals need office help and she needs a job. Working for a monster lurking beneath the surface of the world isn’t glamorous. But is it really worse than working for an oil conglomerate or an insurance company? In this economy?

I mean, come on! How awesome does that sound? It’s definitely not a premise I’ve seen around over and over.

GUYS! It’s about a girl who joins a Quidditch league the summer before college. QUIDDITCH. Because yes, despite not having flying brooms, you really can play Quidditch in the Muggle world. Not that I ever have, but I think it’s amazing, and I have never read a book that featured it. It’s also, apparently, a bit of a retelling of Cinderella. Interesting.

Okay, okay, this comes out in a legit year, but LET ME HAVE THIS. I really loved Anna and the French Kiss and that whole trilogy, and I really enjoyed her thriller debut There’s Someone Inside Your House. I know the latter wasn’t as loved by some, but I’m so here for Perkins writing more mysteries and thrillers and I’m kind of obsessed that the cover goes with There’s Someone Inside Your House. Bookshelf cohesion is a thing.

I still need to read the author’s book The 7 1/2 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle. Regardless, this one sounds just as amazing! As it says in the official description: A murder on the high seas. A detective duo. A demon who may or may not exist.

Right?? Right! Add it to your list!

Written in the Stars is an #ownvoices queer rom-com and it sounds adorable! And look at this adorable cover! ADORABLE! It’s an f/f fake dating romance, and it sounds absolutely…okay, okay, amazing, fantastic, wonderful, adorable.

Furia reminds me so much of Bend it Like Beckham, with the love of soccer, but also dealing with a family that doesn’t support a girl playing soccer. There’s also the cultural backgrounds that come into play. It just sounds so great. Soccer is a sport that I really love, and I don’t find myself reading about it that often.

I loved Sadie so much. And The Project by Courtney Summers, her next book after Sadie, sounds equally as amazing. A girl who wishes to be a journalist tries to rescue her sister from a cult, and who doesn’t want to read that book? It comes out next year, but not too far into 2021. Plus, look at this beautifully detailed, creepy little cover? It’s magic.

The Nothing Man killed Eve’s family. She’s now written a memoir about it, determined to finally catch him. But guess what??  The Nothing Man is a guy named Jim, and he’s reading her memoir. So now he has to get rid of Eve before she figures out his identity. This sounds like the perfect book for me. I’m assuming The Nothing Man is a serial killer, as they are usually the ones who get ‘named’, and I am fascinated by serial killers. Also, how creepy that a serial killer who hasn’t been caught is out there reading a memoir from a survivor??


I’m sure I could go on and on, but I think you’ve all had enough for today! Did I introduce you to any new titles? Do we have any of the same books on our wish lists? Let me know in the comments, and please do share any books YOU want to read that I didn’t include here!

27 responses to “Let’s Discuss: Upcoming Books I Want to Read

  1. I read Ahmadi’s first novel, Down and Across, and it was really well done. I can only imagine his future works will be just as good! And Furia sounds wonderful – I love soccer…and Bend it Like Beckham. Haha.

  2. Ooh these look good. Meme looks like a trip and The Woods Are Always Watching looks really fun too! I’m looking forward to that one.

  3. Ooh you have some that sound good here! I love the idea of a book about muggle quiddich players, that is too funny! Hench sounds intriguing too.

  4. These all sound so good! I’m looking forward to How It All Blew Up and I’m definitely going to check out the others too. This Is How We Fly looks especially interesting – I played ‘muggle’ Quidditch for a year and a bit at university but I’ve never seen it in a book before!

    Sabrina @ Notes From a Paper Plane Nomad recently posted: Top Ten Tuesday: Books I Loved But Never Reviewed (aka most of my childhood faves)
  5. I hadn’t heard of many of these, but there’s some interesting looking books on this list that I may have to add to my TBR. Hench in particular sounds interesting! 🙂

  6. How have I only got one of these on my TBR? Written in the Stars is a book I’m very excited to read. It is right up my street and I cannot wait for it to come out. I’m going to have to go check out the rest on your list now and see if there are any others I should be watching out for.

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