Who Says Gift Giving Can’t Be More Fun?

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Who Says Gift Giving Can’t Be More Fun?


If you’re anything like me, then you like to give people gifts. Sometimes it can feel like the same old thing every time though. You find something, wrap it, give it to the recipient, and voila! That’s it! I love seeing people’s reactions to their gifts…but I think making the gift giving a bit more unique can help make it even better! Plus, if you’re the one giving the gift, it makes it a lot more fun!
Two Christmases ago, I started making things a bit more unique for my friends. We have a Christmas party every year where I normally pass out presents. That time, I decided to theme everyone’s gifts. What can I say? I like to theme things!
I gave everyone a card before their gifts that told them what their theme would be. For example, one friend’s said “Let Them Eat Cake” and everything she got related to cake, cupcakes, etc. I got a book of pictures that had funny, messed up cakes, and I included a package to make your own cupcakes, etc.Another friend’s theme was “Bon Voyage”. He was about to leave for Spain for a year and I included items that related to travel, like a travel journal, etc.
I think adding a theme to a gift can be a lot of fun, and it makes the gifts you give more unique and special. It shows you really put a lot of thought into it. I’ve themed other things since then, like my niece’s first birthday (everything was Owls) and this past Christmas, I gave a friend from NY items that matched two themes (Keep Calm and Girl on Fire). 
This upcoming Christmas, I already have a lot of my friend’s gifts (I like to plan in advance to utilize sales, extra money, and to make sure I’m getting everything I want to include!) and the idea I have this time around is Stockings. Basically, I bought some Christmas stockings last year and I’ve been finding items all year that will fit into the stocking. Therefore, certain friends will get a stocking full of gifts this year. It limits what you can get in a way, because I have to focus on size, but again, it makes the items you choose more unique. I just hope all my gifts will fit in the respective stockings once put together. I might need to get some more cheap stockings and give everyone about two. It’s not that expensive and who doesn’t want what seems to be more gifts?
Finally, my sister just had her birthday and I did something that I’ve done for her birthday once before in the past. I took all the gifts I had, wrapped them, and put them in a bag. Then, for about a week leading up to her birthday, I let her pick a gift from the bag. This year it was about two gifts each day…since I had 8 things for her in all. Eventually, I ended up picking what gifts she should open each day to mix things up. You could always number the gifts if you want to as well! This can be a fairly cheap gift. Maybe get one or two things that are bigger and give those the day before and on their birthday, and all the other gifts can be a bit cheaper like their favorite candy bar or a magazine they like, etc. Mix it up! Make it fun! Celebrate your loved ones longer!
So, what do you think about these ideas? Would you use any? Any other ways you try and make gift giving more fun for yourself?

8 responses to “Who Says Gift Giving Can’t Be More Fun?

  1. I love your ideas! I like the sound of themes, it might make it easier to shop because you'll have a better idea of what to get and the stockings are also a good idea! You must be an awesome gift giver!

  2. These are wonderful ideas! It's so hard to think up something special sometimes, so I think a themed gift or your idea about a series of gifts is wonderful. I'll keep these in mind for my next recipient! Thanks for the wonderful ideas! 🙂

  3. I think these are all great ideas! I agree with Rachel – it's difficult making sure a gift is special and not generic, so I definitely like the thought of using themes. It also makes gift-giving so much more worth it. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Love the theme idea! I'm kind of brainstorming ideas for Christmas already and this is revitalizing my thinking to try and come up with something really awesome!

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