Who Says You Can’t Theme Your Parties?

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Who Says?

Who Says that you can’t theme your parties when you’re no longer a child?

I’m currently 22- I’ll be 23 this coming Thursday actually- but about a year or so ago, I started to really love theming things. This mostly comes out in parties, which are a lot of fun to host. I’ll have them for any reason I can – though normally a birthday or a holiday. I had one last summer for a friend’s Welcome Home from Spain (it was Wicked themed). You may have seen some of my parties, which I post over at All Grown Up Parties. There hasn’t been anything since November, but that will change this summer…since I have two parties coming up with themes!

Party No. 1

The first will be on Sunday, June 2, so in a week — that theme is a Ladies’ Literary Luncheon. It will take place in the afternoon and I’ve invited all my (local) girlfriends to join, where we will eat food that I have connected to various books. I even have a game and a prize figured out! I don’t want to say too much, as I will post about this on my other blog (with photos!).

Party No. 2

My next party will take place sometime in July, so I still have awhile to plan. Don’t worry – I’ve already started. However, the photo on the top of the page now makes sense. My July party is for my graduation and the theme will be the 90’s!!

I’m going to find 90’s snacks, or relate other food to the 90’s…there will be games and prizes…lots of 90’s music (I hope!) and more.

I’d love to know your ideas though in the comments! What MUST I include in a 90’s party?

Also, since this is a Who Says? post, I’d love to know your thoughts about themed parties in general. We always have them for kids- baby showers, birthday parties, etc. but they tend to fizzle out as we get older unless someone themes a bachelorette party or something. I think games are fun- and who doesn’t like the chance of winning a fun prize? Dressing up can be enjoyable (a few of my friends did for the Hunger Games party I threw last year) and some people are more than willing to give it a shot! I think themes add a little something to a party; makes it more unique for yourself and your guests.

11 responses to “Who Says You Can’t Theme Your Parties?

  1. Oh themed parties sound like so much fun! I wish my friends would do something like this! I can't wait to hear about what you got up to at your ladies literary luncheon! Happy Birthday! 🙂

  2. Ha ha. A nineties themed party. Well I graduated high school in that decade and went to college. I would say you could always go with fluorescent clothes they were real popular for awhile. The Literary Luncheon sounds like a lot of fun. Hopefully you will give us a full report.

  3. Ooh these are such cool ideas! I could never plan a party I get so OCD that I woud never get anything done for a while and it would be such a big mess lol 🙂 But a 90s party sounds so cool! However, I can't be of much help since I was born in the very last year of that decade >.< Good luck with your parties!

  4. Ooh, Party No. 2 is perfection! I just keep thinking of Kelly Kapowski, and Saved By the Bell – that was what my 90s consisted of! 😛

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