Month: October 2009

(Interview) Psych’s Steve Franks and Dule Hill

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Conference Call with Steve Franks (creator, writer, executive producer) and Dule Hill (Gus) from the USA show Psych. Tonight at 10/9c, Psych is having its finale…but don’t worry, it’s only for the fall. The show will be back in early 2010 for more crazy antics from Shawn and Gus. The following conference call was done […]

Handmade Baby Love Interview + Bootie Giveaway

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Interview with Deborah of Handmade Baby LoveBy: LaurenSite: A lot of the items in your shop (from hats to booties) are crocheted. When did you start crocheting and what is your favorite part about it? On a family vacation when I was thirteen, a cousin of mine spent the entire time knitting this beautiful […]

Personalized Parcels Review/Guest Post/GIVEAWAY

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Personalized Parcels Review + Giveaway Written by: Lauren (guest post by Dez Stephens) Site: Review- This is such a fun site! I always love figuring out gifts to give my friends and family for their birthday and/or Christmas. I actually have one friend that is always giving really sweet things (even on non-special days) […]

(Review) Hell is Other Parents by Deborah Kogan

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Hell is Other Parents And Other Tales of Maternal Combustion By: Deborah Copaken Kogan Review by: Lauren (sent a copy from Voice!) Buy: Summary is a list of quotes from the back of the book, copied from Amazon- “For anyone who’s ever been a parent, had a parent, or wanted to choke a parent, […]

(Hilarious) Dirty Little Secrets Review

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Dirty Little Secrets from Otherwise Perfect Moms by Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile Review by Lauren Site: Summary- Trisha Ashworth and Amy Nobile conducted interviews with hundreds of mothers while researching their best-selling book I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids. It didn’t take long before these moms began to reveal […]

Interview with Monk’s Tony Shalhoub

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If you are a fan of the Monk series, I sure hope you are already watching since this is the last season. It’s a bit sad…I never got into this show because I started watching other shows on USA too late to really figure out what was happening. I’d love to see the past seasons […]