Month: December 2008

Interview: East4thStreet

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Interview with Heather from East4thStreetBy: LaurenGo and Shop I’m so sorry for the delay in getting this posted. One of Heather’s shirts was included in the Adult prize pack and I was supposed to have this up during the contest but it just ended last night (winners posted soon), so I really am sorry for […]

What? I Have a New Blog?

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That’s right…I have a new blog! Don’t worry, Shooting Stars Zine isn’t going anywhere. I call it a blog at times, but it’s honestly more then that to me and I’d love to have an official site sometime in the future. However, I had an idea and decided to start a new blog to try […]

Thank you Secret Santas!

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This Holiday season, I participated in two secret santas that were a ton of fun! I’d love to continue them next year. First up, I was a part of the second annual Book Blogger Christmas Swap that Nymeth and Dewey (R.I.P.) put together. It was great seeing some new blogs and my Secret Santa got […]

Auction EXTENDED (Please Read!)

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Hey everyone! I decided to extend this auction until Friday at 11:59 EST. With the holidays last week, I figured it wasn’t completely fair to quite end it yet. I want everyone to have a shot at bidding for this one if they want it. Use that holiday money for good! You donate to First […]

Updates + Wish List Wednesday (Late!)

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Merry (Late) Christmas and/or Happy Holidays! I meant to post that I’d be away for a few days, but I completely forgot too…my bad! I’m back now though and hopefully I’ll have some things posted in the next few days. Since Wednesday was Christmas Eve and I was traveling via car for about 7 hours, […]

Different Tastes: Lywan

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LywanInterview by: LaurenHis Myspace Different Tastes are posts that deal with music, so far, that is a bit different then the usual Alternative/Pop/Rock we normally post about. In this case, it’s a rapper by the name of Lywan. If this is your brand of music, be sure to leave a comment and check out the […]

Jd Webb: A New Christmas Song to Sing!

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Jd WebbReview by: Lauren Jd’s WebsiteJd’s Myspace Jd Webb is a Pop/RnB singer who is no newcomer to music, having been in groups such as Raze and Oasis Praise. Nowadays though, Jd is back and ready to take on the music world again, this time going solo.Though you won’t be able to find his new […]

Prize Pack #3: Adults

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For the Adult prize pack, we have another item donated from Bella Bejeweled. This time, it is the Bella, Love necklace inspired by the Twilight series. As I said for the YA contest, this is a great piece because you don’t have to be a fan of the series to enjoy it! Our next item […]