Review: Tears in the Water

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Tears in the Water Margherita Scialla Tears in the Water is one of the books I read for the Trans Rights Readathon and I really enjoyed it. The book takes place in a college that prepares young adults for playing in professional sports. The main character, Alex, swims – along with their best friend. The […]

Review: Magic for Liars

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Magic for Liars by Sarah Gailey I absolutely loved this book and gave it 5 stars. Ivy is a PI who is hired to investigate a murder that takes place at a magic school- where her sister works. Ivy has no magic, but her sister does, and it’s a wedge between them. This is my […]

Review: Heart Haunt Havoc

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Heart Haunt Havoc by Freydis Moon I read this horror novella in one day for the Trans Rights Readathon back in March. This book follows Colin Hart, who used to be an exorcist, though still considers himself capable of ridding a house of things like ghosts and demons. Bishop Martínez is his newest client, and […]

Review: The Book of Cold Cases

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The Book of Cold Cases by Simone St. James When I read a mystery, I usually want it to be rooted in reality. I find those to be the most “creepy” and interesting. However, I’m in a book club and one of the month’s picks was The Book of Cold Cases. This is a mystery, […]

Review: Legends and Lattes

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Legends and Lattes by Travis Baldree Viv is an orc who is tired of the looting and bloodshed. She wants to settle down and open up a coffee shop. This is how she meets Tandri, Cal, and Thimble who become her new family and help her realize her dream. This book was absolutely adorable. It’s […]

My Month is Booked (April 2023)

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It’s time for the April edition of My Month is Booked. What have you been reading in the past month? Link up with me below! Any links are affiliate links. I have a lot of book reviews I posted between link-ups, so I’m going to be linking to those first in case you missed […]

(Review) Muted by Tami Charles

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Muted by Tami Charles Muted is a YA novel told in verse, following 17-year old Denver. With her and her two best friends, Dali and Shak, they get the attention of a top music producer. Almost from the beginning, you know the guy is sketchy. He doesn’t want their parents or guardians to know they […]