Month: November 2008

St. Jude Letters

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Hey everyone! I know I posted (link on the left side) about the club I joined that raises money for St. Jude…anyway, the first letter writing party is THIS thursday and even though I’m in the club, I still need to write letters asking for people to donate money for St. Jude. I thought I’d […]

Songs of the Day: Stephen Colbert

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Okay, we haven’t had any songs of the day recently and I figured it might be fun to do some funny ones! Alas….STEPHEN COLBERT! First up, we have a little song for a lady named Charlene… A little too creepy? What about Colbert’s “Another Christmas Song”? Click here and listen all you want! WARNING: It […]

Alice in Wonderland + New Idea

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First off, the picture above is Johnny Depp in his role as the Mad Hatter. How awesome! I got the picture from the Daily Mail and to read a bit more about filming, go here! Also, according to, the Caterpillar will be played by Alan Rickman (Harry Potter, Sweeney Todd). I’m really quite excited […]

Auction: Poison Study

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Our next auction for Leave a Mark is Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder.If you have not heard of this book or want to know, again, what it’s about…then go here! This book not only looks great, but Maria marked up it up fantastically…so if you are interested, please bid! Remember: ALL the money goes […]

In Your Room Review + Q&A

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In Your Room by Jordanna FraibergReview by: Lauren Molly and Charlie both had all their plans set for the summer holidays when their families drop the bomb that they will be switching houses. Molly heads off to Charlie’s place in Colorado, while Charlie and his family take up residence in Molly’s L.A. home. As the […]

Twilight Movie Review!

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Twilight Movie ReviewBy: LaurenWarning: A couple quotes from the film are included…but nothing huge!!! Well, I saw Twilight at Midnight last night and I must say that I thought it was wonderful. When books are made into movies, I never expect them to be the same and simply don’t make a big deal if things […]

Twilight Jewelry: Bella Bejewled

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Interview with the Genius Behind Bella Bejeweled, Sarah.By: LaurenHer Shop!Photo credit: Amber Eyes necklace Twilight has become a huge hit among many, going from the books to a movie (which is out today). Because of the huge fanbase, it’s not hard to find all kinds of Twilight merch these days…but did you know that fans […]

Twilight’s Own Eric: Justin Chon

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Justin ChonInterviews by: LaurenJustin’s Website! In the past few months, I’ve interviewed Justin Chon, who is playing Eric Yorkie in the just released Twilight film, twice and I wanted to re-post both of those here again in case you haven’t read it yet! This will be a little long, simply because I’m putting both interviews […]


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Booking Mama is giving away the CBS’ Novel Adventures Books. Booking Mama is giving away Katie Brown Celebrates as well. Confessions of a Bibliophile has Any Given Doomsday up for grabs! A Bookworm’s World is giving away Confetti Cakes for Kids. Peeking Between the Pages has the CBS Novel Adventures up for grabs too! Just […]

Review: How to (Un)Cage a Girl

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how to (un)cage a girl by Francesca Lia BlockReview by: LaurenAlso reviewed for teensreadtoo how to un(cage) a girl is a short collection of poetry for and about girls. Told in three parts, these poems deal with many facets of life that women must deal with from being a teen to being an adult. This […]