Month: July 2009

(Review) Blue Moon by Alyson Noel

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Title: Blue Moon (The Immortals book 2)Author: Alyson NoëlPublisher: St. Martin’s GriffinPub. Date: July 7, 2009Age Group: YAPages: 304Review by: Alicia Summary: Eager to learn everything she can about her new abilities as an Immortal, Ever turns to her beloved Damen to show her the way. But just as her powers are increasing, Damen’s are […]

(Review) The Awakening by Marley Gibson

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Ghost Huntress: The Awakening by Marley Gibson Review by: Lauren Also for: Site: Kendall never really thought much about ghosts and spirits inhabiting our world after they die…that is until she moves to Radisson, Georgia and is confronted by one in her own home. Living in a town full of ghost tales leads […]

I’m in a BOOK!

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The latest in the six-word memoirs series is for all teens (famous and obscure, as the title says) called I Can’t Keep My Own Secrets. For those of you who want to read it, be on the look out this September…it’s coming out from Harper Collins I believe. Anyway, like the title above says…I’m in […]

(Review) Entrapment by Michael Spooner

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Entrapment: A High School Comedy in Chat by Michael SpoonerReview by: LaurenWebsite: Summary: Can tru luv pass the test?Bliss and Tamra are totally convinced that their boyfriends’ hearts lie in the palms of their hands. But when two cynical and mischievous friends beg to differ, a wager is born. An online game of cat-and-mouse […]

Books I Got/Books I Want!

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First off (since I missed In My Mailbox and Mailbox Monday this week) I want to show off some books that I went and bought myself. Supporting authors is a good thing so whether you get a ton of review books or not, please think about buying something now and then if you have the […]

NRT Sideshow Interview + Contest!

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Interview with: Deborah Noyes, editor of Sideshow By: Lauren Site: 1. Where did the idea for an anthology like Sideshow first come from? We had a broader theme in mind when we started out. The book was called A Cabinet of Curiosities, and I invited contributors to write about “conjurers and ventriloquists, necromancers and […]

READ IT: Ballads of Suburbia Candy?!

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Website: Happy Release Day to Stephanie Kuehnert! Her second novel, Ballads of Suburbia, is out TODAY and I have to say, it’s amazing. I loved her first one but this one is definitely my favorite out of the two. Be sure to keep an eye out for my review of the book as well […]

Along for the Ride Winner!

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Thanks so much for all the entries guys! I wish I had another book to give away, but sadly, I don’t have any other copies. Anyways, the winner is……What a Girl Reads! Congratulations. Please email me your address within 24 hours. I’m leaving on Friday, and if I don’t get your address by then, you […]