Month: April 2009

(Review) Sliding on the Edge by C. Lee McKenzie

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Sliding on the Edge by C. Lee Mckenzie Review by: Lauren Summary: Something’s wrong.It’s not a heart-grabbing noise like when somebody jiggles the doorknob to see if it’s locked. It’s not a bitter smell like the electrical short we had last month, when all the breakers popped. No. It’s something in the air, something […]

(News) Calling All Twilight Fans!

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JUSTIN CHON INVITES YOU TO JOIN HUNDREDS OF “TWILIGHT“ FANS AS THEY JOIN HIM LIVE!!! Just back from Vancouver where he was reprising his role as Eric Yorkie in “New Moon”, “Twilight’s” JUSTIN CHON invites you to join him and hundreds of “Twilight” fans as he appears LIVE on StarCam! Join JUSTIN this Sunday Night, […]

YA Connection is Gone for Now…But…

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Hey Everyone. I know that Steph from Reviewer X and Kristi from The Story Siren used to have YA Connection. Life gets busy and they no longer have these posts. However, I”m sure I’m not the only one who loved seeing contests in one spot and learning about awesome reviews or interviews from authors and […]

Wishing All Week or My Own “Pine For” Books

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Wishing All Week Instead of having a Wish-List Wednesday this week, I decided to post this today and it will probably remind you a lot of Kristi’s ( “Books To Pine For” posts. I love hers and she does them all the time which is just mind-blowing. How does she find them all?! I’m sure […]

New Idea: A Place to Write Me

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This page is just a random idea that I had and I wanted to see if it would help people trying to get in touch. Yes, we have an email (two of them) in the header, but this is mainly for other bloggers to get in touch about a few things. 1. Did I write […]

IMM: Books I Bought!

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Lenore from had a post last week similar to the In My Mailbox ones…except this was all about the books she’d bought herself and not recieved through the library, ARCS, or contest wins. I really liked the idea and figured it might be nice to try and post these as well whenever I buy […]

YKT: Ellen Page

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YKT (You Know Them): Ellen Page with Hard Candy All Information (that’s not my opinion) is from: Out: Now on DVD Rated: R Starring: Patrick Wilson and Ellen Page Directed by: David Slade (Twilight fans: He’s doing Eclipse!) Summary: A mature 14-year old girl meets a charming 32-year old photographer on the Internet. Suspecting […]