Month: May 2009

It’s My Birthday and I Wish…

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So it’s my birthday today and I turned 19. So weird. I really don’t think I look OR feel like I’m 19. Anyway, I’m always having people “wish on a real shooting star” in questions so I figured I’d do it this time….but I’ll add a few more wishes. Just one is too hard! 1. […]

Happy Birthday, Justin Chon! (Links)

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photo from official website Happy Birthday Justin Chon! If you’re a Twilight fan, you should know Justin as Eric from the films. He also starred in the movie Crossing Over. Today, as you can see from above, is his birthday…which I will admit, I found out about through the Lexicon. He’s a great actor and […]

Review: Pilot Episode for New USA Show: Royal Pains

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Royal Pains Review: Pilot Episode By: Lauren Premiere: Thursday, June 4 at 10/9c on USA My Thoughts: Royal Pains is the latest addition to USA’s lineup (Psych, Monk, Burn Notice) and after viewing the pilot episode, I have to admit…I’m a fan. Honestly, the show really is that good with fun, multi-dimensional characters. When you […]

Review Part ONE: Starfinder by John Marco

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Starfinder by John Marco Review by: Lauren Buy: Summary: Steam trains and electricity are rapidly changing the world. Moth of Calio is obsessed with the airships developed by his friend Fiona’s grandfather Rendor, and dreams of taking to the air one day like his heroes, the Skyknights.But not everyone is happy to see humans […]

Dull Boy by Sarah Cross Review + Willow Winners

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Dull Boy by Sarah CrossReview by: Lauren Summary: Superpowers are awesome – unless you actually have them, like Avery does. There’s only so much he can pass off as “adrenaline” before people start to get suspicious. Probably it’s best to lie low, so guys in white lab coats don’t come to carry him away, to […]

Contest: Zombie Love T-Shirts!

Posted May 25, 2009 by shooting in Uncategorized / 7 Comments Contest Details: If you click the link above (the authors’ website) and then click the photo in the middle of the page that says “Contest” and you can be entered to win some fabolous Zombie Love t-shirts. All you have to do is subscribe. Simple as that! Contest Ends: May 31st and the winners […]

(Party) C.K. Kelly Martin Guest Blog + Contest

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Guest Blog: C.K. Kelly Martin, author of One Lonely Degree Some girls will tell almost anyone their problems, like the fact that they have some drama in their lives makes them important. I’m not like that. It takes me a long time to trust someone and mostly it just doesn’t happen at all. So anyway, […]