Month: July 2008

Be Awesome Contest: Help Wanted

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I had this idea of a contest, at the moment being referred to as the “Be Awesome” Contest and the idea is to Be Awesome in two ways: 1. The main way to be awesome is to donate money to a charity, help out a friend in need, babysit a sibling without fuss or even […]

Junior Year: Books I’ve Read

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Does anyone ever keep track of all the books they read in a year or even a certain time period? For the past couple years, I wrote down all the titles/authors of the books that I read during a school year…and these were only books read for fun and not for school.Anyway, I found the […]

Huge Giveaway Reminder

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Don’t forget to enter the HUGE giveaway. All the details can be found here if you would like to know more. It says the deadline is Wednesday, July 30, but it’s really Thursday, July 31 (end of the month). I put the wrong date on accident.

VP Song of the Day: Annie Lennox

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Another Vampire Song of the Day (sorry I haven’t posted that many…I hope to get a few more up before July is over)is “Love Song for a Vampire” by Annie Lennox. The song goes along with the movie Dracula…based on the book by Bram Stoker. Thoughts? Have you seen the movie? I have not, but […]

Tantalize Contest

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For the shot to win the paperback copy of Tantalize, all you have to do is enter by next Friday, Aug. 1 at Midnight Eastern. The winner should be posted on August 2, the day another vampire novel is released….Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer.This is the last contest for me for Vampire month, so enter […]

Interview: Kimberly Pauley

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Kimberly PauleyInterview by: Lauren 1. What led you to the idea of making a vampire story that was funny? Well, probably the biggest thing is that I tend to write “funny” vs. “serious” in anything novel length (though my short stories all seem to wind up crime fiction or science fiction, oddly enough). But I […]