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My name is Lauren Becker, and I’ve been running Shooting Stars Mag since around August 2007. It’s been through some changes and ebbs and flows, but we’re holding on strong. I just want to say that I appreciate every single person that leaves a comment, spreads the word about something we’re doing or have posted, and for everyone that has emailed/tweeted/messaged. It really does mean a lot and is a large reason I keep the blog going.

The above photo is what you would call my headshot. It’s from this past summer, so the most updated photo I have on here!


The blog is mostly my work, but I do have a co-writer for some YA reviews and her name is Alicia. If she wrote it, her name will be on it.


I also include guest reviews every now and then. These are sometimes done by my sister or mom, as they like to help out. Again, these are all noted within the post.




We focus largely on books (though I’m afraid I can’t take many E-Books), with an emphasis on Young Adult. However, we do post on other things:


Books ( MG, YA, and Adult), Movies (a variety), Broadway (musicals and plays alike), Music (a variety), Clothes/Jewelry/Makeup (every now and then), Products (general term, I know, but if you have a fun product you think fits the site, get in touch), and more. I’m also obsessed with party planning, so I like to share ideas, products, and the like to have your own amazing affair!

I know this isn’t very specific, but I hope if you’ve looked around the site a bit, you’ll get an idea of who we are. We’d love to hear from just about anyone though. The worst we can do is say no because of time or we don’t believe our site is good for you and your product.Some random favorites of mine if that helps:

TV: Psych, Glee, Boy Meets World, Criminal Minds, Elementary, BBC Sherlock, Franklin and Bash…

Movies: Life as a House, Harry Potter films, Shadow of a Doubt, Annie Hall, Life is Beautiful, About a Boy, Billy Madison…

Musicals: RENT, Spring Awakening, Avenue Q, Billy Elliot, Rock of Ages, Wicked…

Books: The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Ballads of Suburbia by Stephanie Kuehnert, Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, Willow by Julia Hoban, Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble…


Email: Lauren51990 AT aol DOT com


We do host giveaways. It’s best if you send the prize out to the winner, but we can mail sometimes. However, if we mail, it’s usually limited to the U.S. and maybe Canada. If you mail the prize, it’s your choice: U.S., U.S. and Canada, or even International. Giveaways are the easiest means of gathering notice. When I host giveaways, I try and spread the word as much as I can…but we hope you will help too. We will give away things without a review, and do not require any sort of payment.


Email: Lauren51990 AT aol DOT  com


Our main demographic are women, with some men, and the ages seem to gravitate from teens to adults. If you would like viewer numbers, just get in touch. Public followers can be seen in the right hand sidebar, and I’m also on facebook, twitter, and tumblr. I’ll include some of these links below.Sponsored Posts

Normally, if we post about something without a review and/or giveaway, it’s just because we want too. However, if we say it’s a sponsored post, that means we got paid to do so. I work for the WB on some promotional products, and therefore, all of their posts are sponsored. Some of these projects were for shows like Supernatural and The Middle.

Disclaimer: We may generate ad income on the blog and we do accept advertising ads, links and blogposts. I’m an affiliate for The Book Depository, so if you purchase through my links, I will get a small percentage. I will try and use some of any income generated through TBD for future giveaways. All posts will state if it’s sponsored (which means we were paid).



I run my own publicity business. So far, we have worked with authors and smaller businesses. You have created the product, now you need to get the word out. I can’t take on too many clients at once, but I’m almost always looking to add people.

To visit my site, please go here: http://www.laurenashleybecker.com

You’ll find a little bit more about me there, read testimonials from past clients, learn just what we can do for you, and even see the types of prices I have. I do want to note that the prices can vary though. If you want something specific, then the price might change…just get in touch. I have a Contact button on the site but you can email me too: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com


I don’t tweet all that often. I like to spread the word about blog things, other giveaways, and randomly tweet/have some conversations.


Tumblr is a bit of a fun addiction. It’s mainly to re-blog cute or amusing things I’ve found, but I do include actual photos and personal tidbits.