Month: August 2011

My Dream Vacation…

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Summer vacations are always a blast. In Season 4, ep. 1 Belles de Jour, Serena and Blair enjoy their summer vacation in Paris trying to take their minds off of home. When Serena and Blair take this lavish trip to Paris, they experience the food, culture, fashion, and even romance! Blair meets a French royal […]

Gossip Girl Fashion with Jenny

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When fans discuss Gossip Girl, they talk about the fashion almost as much as they dish on the scandal! Whether Serena and Blair are dressed in designer ready-to-wear or couture off the runway, their ensembles are always high-end and on trend. Each girl’s style reflects her individual personality–Blair’s style is classic Upper East Side chic […]

Don’t Stop Now by Julie Halpern

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Don’t Stop Now by Julie Halpern Review by: Lauren Copy from: amazon associate: buy book, we get a small percentage Summary: Lillian tried to help Penny, but she didn’t think she’d actually fake her own kidnapping. When she does, Lil has to deal with all sorts of people trying to find information…Penny’s parents, the […]

Relationship Drama a la Gossip Girl

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Relationships play a huge role in Gossip Girl. Chuck and Blair, the show’s most popular couple, have been on-and-off throughout the Gossip Girl series. They are consistently at ends with each other, but their love seems to have no bounds. However, as the season progresses, Blair begins to have feelings for her best friend Serena’s ex, […]

If You Could Change Yourself…

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In order for the creators of the show to develop a new animated world, some characters had to go through a makeover to fit the feel of the new environments. If you could makeover yourself in order to explore new situations, who would you make yourself into and where would you explore? I’m not entirely […]