11th Blogoversary: 11 Favorite Songs

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In honor of my 11th blogoversary, I’m sharing my top 11 favorites in a few different categories. Last week I shared my 11 Favorite TV Shows and Movies and now I’m back with my 11 Favorite Songs! This was a really tough category as I love music, so these are probably not my only favorite songs but they are the ones that really stick out to me at the moment. So tell me: do you love any of these songs? What are your favorites?

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“Eleanor Rigby” – The Beatles

All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?
All the lonely people
Where do they all belong?

Check out the song here

“Time to Dance” – Panic! At the Disco

Have some composure
And where is your posture? 
Oh, no, no
You’re pulling the trigger
Pulling the trigger
All wrong

Check out the song here

“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” – Brooks & Dunn

Out in the country
Past the city limits sign
Well there’s a honky tonk
Near the county line
The joint starts jumpin’ every night
When the sun goes down
They got whiskey women music and smoke
It’s where all the cowboy folk
Go to boot scootin’ boogie

Check out the song here

“Tears from the Moon” – Conjure One featuring Sinead O’Connor
Tears from the moon
Fall down like rain
I reach for you
I reach in vain
Stop, Stop haunting me
It should be easy
As easy as when you stopped wanting me
Check out the song here 
“The Thunder Rolls” – Garth Brooks

Every light is burnin’
In a house across town
She’s pacin’ by the telephone
In her faded flannel gown
Askin’ for miracle
Hopin’ she’s not right
Prayin’ it’s the weather
That’s kept him out all night
And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

Check out the song here

“Nineteen” – Tegan and Sara

I felt you in my life before I ever thought to
I need to lay down beside you and tell you
I feel you in my heart and I don’t even know you
And now we’re saying bye, bye, bye

Check out the song here

“Me and the Moon” – Something Corporate

“It’s me and the moon,” she says
And I got no trouble with that
But i am a butterfly, you wouldn’t let me die
“It’s me and the moon,” she says

Check out the song here 

“Unconsolable” – X Ambassadors

I hope we stay
Thick as thieves, butter and bread
Pillars of colonial homes 
And I wish I could shout you out
False start
Don’t get your cane caught in the cracks
Buckle your seatbelts, polluting the airwaves
Single and lonely

Check out the song here 

“That’s the Truth” – McFly

If you listen to the things that your friends say
You’re gonna be lonely
How can you treat me like that
When I give my all to you
‘Cause I haven’t been messin’ around
I would never go out
And do the things you don’t want me to do
‘Cause I can tell you right now
That you will never find the evidence on me
And that’s the truth

Check out the song here

“Skin” – Alexz Johnson

Oh, he’s under my skin
Just give me something to get rid of him
I’ve got a reason now to bury this alive
Another little white lie

Check out the song here 

“Village”- Cam

‘Cause your whole heart’s a village
Everyone you love has built it
And I’ve been working there myself
And that’s where I’ll be
With a front-row seat
To watch you live your life well

Check out the song here 


I didn’t want this post to be too long, so I didn’t share why I love these songs but if you want to know about my love for any of them, just leave a comment! Remember – I want to know your favorite songs too!

38 responses to “11th Blogoversary: 11 Favorite Songs

  1. The Thunder Rolls brings back so many memories!
    When I was 13 my Mom started listening to Garth Brooks and it really grew on me. Even as an adult whenever I hear a song of his I smile.
    Would love to hear why it is special to you 🙂

  2. Happy blogiversary! How sad is it that I haven’t heard of a lot of these (more accurately, just one)? :[ I adore Something Corporate–I’ll have to go check the rest of em’ out!

  3. we listen to a lot of Beatles at home. My kids now all the lyrics LOL
    OMG! ELEVEN YEARS?? No wonder you are such a wonderful blogger Lauren! WOW! Happy Blogiversary!

  4. I love how this is an eclectic mix! Eleanor Rigby is a classic. And I love Tegan and Sara! It’s hard to pick just one song of theirs! And I have many memories of line dancing to Boot Scootin Boogie when I was in college. Oh yes. LOL

  5. I really love how you’re doing this for your blogoversary! Such a great idea! I hate to admit that I’d never heard Eleanor Rigby until David Cook did a cover of it on American Idol. I don’t know a lot of these songs, but the ones I do know, I totally agree with!

  6. Happy blogoversary! 11 years is an amazing achievement. I’ve always liked Eleanor Rigby. I tend to like songs from the 70s and 80s best, anything by Queen, Bowie, T Rex, etc.

  7. ‘Time to Dance’ really takes me back! I listened to that whole album so much during high school, it was one of my favourites, and ‘Time to Dance’ was one of the best songs in my opinion!
    Great post! 🙂

  8. Happy blogoversary!!!! Love your list- yay for Panic at the Disco, and Eleanor Rigby is awesome (and sooo catchy- that will be in my head all night now)!

  9. Jen

    Boot Sccotin Boogie?! That is awesome! There are a few on your list I have never heard of before! Happy 11th blogiversary 🙂

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