Month: April 2008

Author Interview: Jen Calonita

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Jen CalonitaInterview by: Lauren Jen Calonita is the author of Secrets of My Hollywood Life and its sequel, with the third in the series due out this month. 1. You write for magazines, but did you ever think you’d start writing books, or has this been a dream for you as well? TO BE HONEST, […]

Review: A Cursive Memory

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A Cursive MemoryBy: I was probably one of the most excited people for A Cursive Memory’s Vagrant debut, Changes. Last week, when it came out, I popped it onto my ipod, expecting a bunch of uppity jams perfect for the gym or a feel good car ride with my best friends. Boy, was I […]

Review: Mercy Mercedes

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Mercy MercedesBy: I’ve known of, and listened to, Mercy Mercedes every once in a while since early 2006, and they always impressed me. Their vocals are a little nasal, but the vocalist has a distinct, aftertaste to his singing, that makes his voice recognizable. Their EP is titled Casio Rodeo, and there is defiantly […]

Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball

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Dear Everybody By: Michael Kimball Jacket Cover: Jonathon Bender had something to say, but the world wouldn’t listen. That’s why he writes to everybody he has ever known—including his mother and father, his brother and other relatives, his childhood friends and neighbors, the Tooth Fairy, his classmates and teachers, his psychiatrists, his ex-girlfriends and his […]

Book review: The Host-Stephenie Meyer

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The Host by Stephenie MeyerReview by: Kari The world has been invaded. The “souls” have taken control. Not little green men, but small and silver aliens implanted into the back of a human’s neck. They are here to bring peace to a world that seems to be in chaos. They believe the humans have destroyed […]

GLBT Issue: Stray by Sheri Joseph

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Stray by Sheri JosephReview by: Lauren Paul left Kent. Kent got married to Maggie. Paul and Kent meet again. Kent tries to leave. Paul befriends Maggie. And trouble ensues. By trying to get close to Kent through Maggie, Paul and Maggie end up starting their own kind of relationship. And Kent? He has no clue […]

GLBT Issue: Catherine Ryan Hyde

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Catherine Ryan Hyde Interview by: Lauren Catherine Ryan Hyde is the author of Pay it Forward, Becoming Chloe, Chasing Windmills, and the soon-to-be released The Day I Killed James. 1.In Pay it Forward, you have gay and transgender characters. Was there any connection between having GLBT characters and the message of the book? Do […]

GLBT Issue: Brian Sloan Interview

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Brian Sloan Brian Sloan is the author of A Really Nice Prom Mess (which we reviewed, search March) and Tale of Two Summers. He also makes films such as WTC View. 1.Since your book A Really Nice Prom Mess just came out in paperback, I have to ask about your own experiences at prom. […]